Xponential Fitness is preparing to open its first BFT franchise in London


Body Fit Training (BFT), Australia’s fastest growing fitness brand, part of Xponential Fitness, will officially open its doors on Saturday 11 February, with its first state-of-the-art studio. The UK’s first BFT franchise launched in Leicester last September and there are already plans to open more centers in London. Cameron Fallon has set a goal of opening 150 BFT centers in the country.

Located close to Battersea Power Station and Battersea Park, BFT Battersea will be the first studio in London to offer high-intensity group strength and conditioning programs to the fitness community in South West London.

Founded in Australia by Princess Diana’s personal trainer Cameron Fallon, BFT offers workouts based on science-backed programs formerly intended for “elite athletes”. Sessions are delivered through 50-minute progressive functional strength, cardio, and conditioning classes in 13 different programs.

Australian certified personal trainer Charlie Hendry has launched his “state of the art” fitness studio. BFT is based on a methodology and combines cardio and resistance programs to train different power systems in each session. The custom technology used in the study includes a heart rate monitoring system that allows members to track their progress and compare their performance to previous sessions.

BFT – Xponential

Body Fit Training was founded by Falloon in 2017. It was acquired by Xponential Fitness in October 2021 for $44 million, increasing the number of its centers to over 1,000 units worldwide.

Xponential then signed a master franchise agreement with Fallon, who is now joint CEO of BFT, and business partner Richard Burnet for the original franchised clubs—130 studios in Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore—in addition to the 150 that were slated to open. Throughout the Asia Pacific region and the UK.

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