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Yes, doing sports without getting out of bed to get in shape, and thus lose weight, is possible. Even the routine has a name, flexercicio. And it works. Goodbye laziness.

The first goal as we start the year: Get in shape s tone our bodies to win it Healthphysically and mentally, and by the way, lose those kilos More than weeks of December’s transgressions have left us refusing to say goodbye. The second purpose: not to stop the effort. Because after using the relevant equipment for the first time, Goodwill takes less time to walk out the door than we do to enter through the gym.

There is evidence: January is the month with the most sign-up for sports centers, followed by September. But the registry is still the pending topic, and many of these registrations are canceled in less than 3 months and 40% before the end of the year.

The cold and rain that accompany this season, and above all the lack of time on a daily basis, often make us lazy. But for this it comes specifically Flexible exercisea Routine exercise This just can’t It is done quietly at home, but she is very calm, literally, in bed. The dream of many. And we are not talking about sex. Is there anything better than defining muscles and working the body without taking off your pajamas or stepping out from under the sheets?

Well, yes, do it without stress, at your own pace and effortlessly. This is what this practice suggests, which consists of performing a low-impact exercise anywhere, especially in bed. With such arguments, it is not surprising that this fitness routine is sweeping social networks and has its best ally on Pinterest – according to the conclusions of its Predicts 2022 study, easy exercises suitable for all ages and physical conditions now constitute one of the biggest fitness trends , where the most followed influencers defend it.

Among others, Isabel Dias, one of the highest representatives of the movement. “I want my community to understand that you don’t have to run a marathon to energize your body,” Dias explains, “Flexible exercise should be something simple, not scary; dance in your room and recharge,” he encourages.

Advantages of exercising in bed

One of the biggest advantages of flexible exercise is that you don’t have to take the time to go to the gym or lock yourself in it for hours. With this technique we train without pressure, when it suits us and without having to adapt our schedules. “Routines can be gradually integrated into our daily lives at home or outside, alone or with others,” says Isabel Dias. “Constantly exercising it, along with a good diet, will make us feel lighter, with less stress and more energy,” he insists.

In addition, training in bed “is not only more comfortable, it is also practical because, being soft, the mattress works in the same way as a carpet or rug,” say experts from the health platform Bonne Santé. They concluded that “soft surfaces can be beneficial because they improve balance, increase strength, and help firm areas such as the buttocks and abdomen.”

How do you exercise in bed?

In this case, not sweating and puffing by crushing yourself with, say, the exercise that works best for losing size after 40, the squat, doesn’t mean the body isn’t working. The flexibility exercise routine is simple, but it also puts specific stress on the muscles and burns calories. The difference is that it includes low-impact movements, that is, movements that are best suited to take care of the joints, which are those that suffer from jumping, weight training, and sports such as running.

And how is that done? “Through smooth motions and simple repetitions of stretching, extensions, and contractions, abdominal and isometric panels adapt to the shape of the mattress,” detailed health and wellness platform Arama Natural, of Laboratorios Pharmadiet.


And since muscles work even if we don’t get out of bed, experts suggest another trick to protect them and enhance the effects of exercise: applying sports massage creams. “They help prepare muscles and ligaments, as well as prevent injuries during physical exercise,” advises Ana Rovira, director of the Outback Nature Pharmacy, the laboratory that owns the Kyrocream brand, whose formulas include arnica, hypericum and calendula, active ingredients that help recovery from Small contractions. “In the same way, the creams also facilitate muscle recovery, which gets us ready for the next training session,” he adds.

6 exercises to lose weight without getting out of bed

As part of this no-stress, Flexercicio does not include specific exercises or times; It is one of the keys to this practice to release more endorphins, which are known as the happiness hormones. Some of the most popular yoga poses and stretches may also fall into this category.

However, the six exercises that we detail below, a table made by the Arama Natural platform, are a good reference for starting this practice and allow us to get in shape.

Front leg lift. Lying on your back, with your hands under your buttocks or at the side, we will raise and lower our legs from the bed, as straight as possible. We hold it so that the sole points to the chest, to work the lower abdominal area and strengthen the abdomen. We’ll start with two sets of 15 repetitions.

  • Side leg raise. With your entire body lying on your side and your legs straight, keeping one leg straight while your stomach is contracted, lift the other leg up, at a 45-degree angle. It works the core, in addition to the quadriceps and quadriceps muscles. We start with at least 15 repetitions on each leg.

  • Plank with your elbows. Lying face down, we support ourselves on the elbows, forearms and tips of the feet, and lift the body as straight as possible. We must activate and contract the muscles of the abdomen, pelvic floor and buttocks, without letting the hip go down or up. Hold the position for one minute, rest and repeat.
  • Half bridge or hip raise. With the body lying face down, we place the soles of the feet as close to the buttocks as possible. We keep the hands next to the body with the active arms, and little by little we raise our body, starting from the hips, until we keep the weight of the body, distributed between the soles of the feet and the shoulder. We activate the pelvis maximally upwards to activate all the abdominal and lumbar muscles. After maintaining the position for one minute, we can rest and repeat once or twice.
  • Crunch with extended waist. Lie on your side with bent knees, put one hand behind the head and the other in front of the body on the forearm, bring the elbow towards the hip, contract the oblique muscles, return and activate the abdomen to protect the lower back. We perform a series of 15 repetitions, change the position of the arms, bring the hand in front of us to the opposite waist, support the hand that we have on the head in front, press with the palm of the hand to lift the torso and activate the oblique limbs on one side while stretching those on the other side. We hold for 30 seconds and repeat the entire series on the other side.
  • Lumbar or Cobra extension. When lying face down, we put our hands under our shoulders and spread our legs. We push our hands up to raise our upper body, direct our chest towards the ceiling and relax our buttocks. You have to keep your arms straight and your hips on the mat to stretch your abs. This pose, in addition to strengthening the lower back muscles and aligning the spine, helps open the chest and stimulate deeper breathing.

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