What short haircut for a 60 year old woman in 2023? Trend update

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When you turn 60, it becomes increasingly difficult to decide on a hairstyle. Not only does hair change with age, losing its former density and shine, but we also become increasingly sensitive to our image. One thing is sure and certain: At 60, one of the best ways to restore volume and vitality to your hair is to go short. What short haircut for a 60-year-old woman in 2023 to look cute and trendy? Let’s make the point in the following lines.

What are the trends in haircuts in general?

Many of us women believe that hair trends are only for young women with hair that is still healthy and shiny. Yes and no ! Of course, any cut that is meant to be trendy may not necessarily suit all women this age. Now, isn’t this still true for any cut variety in general? The same, for example, there is no cut that goes well with any facial morphology and any hair texture. Plus, any experienced and knowledgeable hairstylist would be able to find a compromise to give you a stylish cut without making you look ridiculous.

The good news is that in 2023, in fact, the haircuts that we will see everywhere will be very appropriate even for women over 60. In general, we can designate two or three trends that will mark the year in a very significant way. First there is the fringe, which comes in several beautiful modern variations: curtain, bangs, side wick, etc. Then, this year we will try to deconstruct everything, even short haircuts. This will result in better texture and a much younger look, following the shag character of the cut. Finally, short, very short lengths will always be in fashion, such as the square cut, timeless and unbeatable.

It is not essential to shorten everything to look younger

short square woman 50s blond wavy hair parted down the middle

What short haircut for a 60 year old woman in 2023?

Otherwise, discover in the following lines the best haircut ideas you can adopt in 2023 to look chic and in step with the times. Concrete examples are added in photo format to quickly go to the hairdresser, when you choose your cut for yourself.

A deconstructed pixie cut for a 60-year-old woman

The pixie cut has become a real safe bet among women’s haircuts. Easy to maintain, light and a bit rebellious, this cut is very youthful and is generally adopted by modern and self-confident women. This year we will focus more on the unstructured character of this one, with strands of very different lengths and the underlined disheveled effect. Women in their 60s with fine, flat hair therefore have every reason to take advantage of it. The result is a light, airy character and maximized volume. Then dare the pixie cut, to give life to your hair and start your second youth.

A disheveled pixie for a young look

short haircut model for fine flat hair short haircut for woman 60 years with glasses

A white pixie – wearing his age with dignity

short haircut for women over 50 2023 white hair and unruly pixie strands

A deconstructed shag cut

Youthful has the slightly sassy character that translates perfectly into the short, unstructured shag. Inherited from the bohemian hippie culture of the 70s, this cut has something to captivate the kids of this rebellious generation. To give it a more trendy look, it is now associated with other cuts of the day, such as the square cut, the wolf cut and the mullet cut. At the same time, this type of cut provides further proof that in 2023 we will have a taste for unstructured and unkempt cuts. We focus on strands of various lengths in order to create different layers and add texture and volume to the hair. The cut in question is most often worn wrinkled or even wavy to swell the hair, as if to give it a romantic, disheveled look.

A shag cut, an elegant version, to enhance the look of a 60-year-old woman

degraded short haircut woman 60s wavy strands white hair woman

Enhance your natural curls with a 60 year shag cut

60 year old woman hairstyle blooming with curly locks

A blurry square

Yes, of course the square will be very trendy again this year. We prefer it short, avoiding straight or rigorous formulas. Deep, deconstructed, fuzzy bobs for women in their 60s – it’s up to you to choose the variety that best flatters your face. A trick to further increase the volume is to opt for the side wick to be preferred to daily creping. If you still have naturally wavy hair, all the better, because the trend is to wear its original fiber.

Alternatively, you can create light waves using a sea salt spray or using a hair straightener or curling iron. Lifting the roots when drying your hair is another simple trick to restore the volume you want. Looser curls would also give you a charming and very elegant retro chic side, in case you want to emphasize your feminine side.

A blurred square to rediscover the young and rebellious spirit

idea of ​​square cut woman 60 years trendy woman hairstyle 2023

A 60-year-old woman’s cut with retro chic curls

short haircut for women 2023 wavy hair trend platinum blonde color

A square cut with bangs

Finally, you also have the option of making your square even more trendy by adding a fringe. A real asset to 60-year-old women’s haircuts, this hair element plays both a practical and an aesthetic role. On the one hand, it looks very young and feminine. On the other hand, bangs add extra texture, emphasize the look, and can still hide forehead creases. In 2023, there are several beautiful varieties of bangs that you can adopt. If some would settle for a tapered fringe, others would opt for one of the ultra trendy versions of the moment which are the birkin bang and the curtain fringe. In any case, avoid straight bangs that tend to weigh down the facial features.

A square with fringe on the side

idea of ​​mid-length caddé woman, 60s cut with side fringe

Hide wrinkles with bangs

60 year old woman haircut with bangs and wavy locks

That’s it, now it’s your turn to choose the trendy hairstyle that you like and that suits you perfectly. Finally, don’t forget to adapt it to the texture of your hair and the shape of your face. To this end, visiting a hairdresser will help you make the right choice. For the rest, discover other beautiful examples of cuts in the following lines.

Several more haircut ideas for women in their 60s to discover below

short squared woman from the 50s example of wavy square cut with frangrejpeg

Great haircut idea for a 60 year old woman with glasses

rejuvenation hairstyle haircut woman 50 years old in 2023

very short haircut woman 60 years blonde hair white fleece

short woman degradé cut with bangs and wavy locks

Volume up and thin bangs – short haircut for charming women

60 year old woman haircut model with bangs and blonde highlights

60 year old woman pixie cut with blonde highlights

haircut idea that rejuvenates woman with pixie cut white hair

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