What really works for a butt of steel


do the building Strong butt Not only is it aesthetics, but it’s also important for health: Buttock exercises can help reduce back and knee pain, improve posture, and make it easier to perform daily tasks with ease.

Although there are many exercises, choosing the right ones will help you develop strong, healthy glutes more quickly and effectively, and that’s exactly what personal trainers Esther and Gema Pineda, better known as the Gemelas Pin, suggest: four exercises with dumbbells for strengthening results.

And they are not Basic exercises… Poses this week require more strength and stamina. There are three sets of 15 repetitions, resting 30 seconds after each set.

Exercise 1. Balancing

With your legs apart and semi-bent at a distance greater than shoulder-width apart, perform swings so that the weight is shifted from one leg to the other.

When the weight falls on one of them, the other is stretched. Also, keep dumbbells in your hands throughout the exercise. Do 15 repetitions.

Exercise 2. Raising the buttocks

On the floor, supporting the shoulders but not the lower back, buttocks or legs, extend one leg while the other rests on the floor bent. Alternate going through the 15 reps to do and don’t forget to keep the dumbbells on your sink.

Exercise 3. Leg on the floor

On the floor, with the side of the body supported, grab a dumbbell at the hip and raise the fully straightened leg as high as possible. Of course, you cannot lean on the floor during the exercise. Do this 15 times and on the next switch sides.

Exercise 4. Kick in the air

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, kick your left leg out to the left side, and try not to lose your balance. After that, do the same with the right, and so on. Repeat 15 times.

Remember, once you’ve completed this round, there are two more that are exactly the same. You can also increase the weight of the dumbbells and reduce the rest time.

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