What is the core and how is it strengthened with exercise?


The heart, also known as the central musculature, refers to the muscles around the waist that are responsible for keeping the heart healthy More and the balance inside the body. It consists of the abdominal muscles, lower back and oblique muscles.

Importance Basic reinforcement It is if it is weak that it can cause problems with posture, stability and balance. This, in turn, can translate to a higher risk of injury, especially in areas such as the neck, back, and knees. If it is reinforced, it will be possible to improve performance In all sports and in the activities that we do in our day to day, because it helps to maintain put Greater correction and stability in any movement we make.

Currently a high percentage of the population is suffering Back pain. This is why strengthening our core helps reduce the risk of back injuries, having a strong core helps support and protect our spine.

In short, strengthening the core is essential for improving posture, stability and balance, as well as helping to reduce the risk of injury. Thus, it is important to incorporate specific exercises into our routine to achieve a strong and healthy body.

How to harden the pulp from home

As we have seen, strengthening the core muscles is essential. However, not everyone has the resources to hit a gym or get a personal trainer. This is why we are going to see how to work on strengthening your core from home with 3 simple and effective complete routines.

Before starting any exercise routine, it is important to warm up well and above all to prioritize the good TechniqueBecause this is the key to avoiding injuries and getting the best results.

Monday routine:

irons: This exercise is the most basic and effective, as we will tone the abdomen, upper back and gluteals.

Do three sets of 30-60 second planks with a 60 second rest between each set.

Side plank: This is one of the most useful basic exercises at home, with this variant we will give more stimulus to the obliques.

Do three sets of 30-60 seconds of side planks with a 60-second break between each set.

SupermanFinally, this exercise is great because it strengthens the lower back.

Do three sets of 15 reps of back extensions with 45-60 seconds rest between each set.

Wednesday routine:

Knee to elbow plankThis exercise is very complete as it works the core, arms and shoulders.

Do 3 sets of 10 repetitions on each side, resting 60 seconds between sets.

V-crunch: This exercise activates the straight abdomen directly. Do 3 sets of 12 reps with 60 seconds of rest between each set.

BridgeThis is a great exercise for strengthening the lower back, glutes and pelvis.

Do 3 sets of 20 reps with 45 seconds rest between each set.

Friday routine:

a pair of scissors: a cross-legged movement. It can be done sitting or lying on the floor.

Do three sets of 15 repetitions for each leg, resting 60 seconds between each set.

Alternate board heights: With this exercise we will also work on balance, in order to improve the stability of the body as well as the back and abdomen area.

Do 3 sets of 5 repetitions on each side, holding for 10 seconds isometrically, with 60 seconds rest between each set.

scaler: With this exercise, in addition to a cardio workout, you will also work your balance and arms.

Do three sets of 30-60 seconds each, resting 60 seconds between each set.

Remember that it is important to listen to your body and not push it beyond its limits. If any of the exercises are too difficult for you, start with a modified or less intense version and gradually increase the difficulty as you adjust.

About the author: Julio Corbacho (@corbacholife on Instagram) is a senior nutrition and training technician

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