What is it, how to eat healthy?


Health food is on the rise. This healthy way of eating has many health benefits. How do you eat healthy? What are your favorite foods? to avoid? Is it effective for losing weight?

What if we eat “healthy”? Who among us has not heard this phrase before? “Healthy food” is a trend consisting of healthy eating. Vegetables and fruits, but what next? from where is this? How do I do ? Instructions with Dr. Nour Dagher Rovani, Nutritionist, and Dania Alaeddin, Nutritionist.

The term “health food”, or in French “health food”, is Orientation towards foods with high nutritional value and beneficial to daily health“, Dr. Noor Dagher introduces Rovani, a nutritionist. People who like healthy food Prefer foods rich in fiber, nutrients, vitamins and trace elements. Healthy eating is too Diverse eating. Follow a healthy diet It does not mean omitting food families for the purpose of losing weight. The goal is to enjoy your meal and enjoy eating it.” Dania Aladdin, registered dietitian. “The most important thing is Do not fit into cognitive limitations Because it is not healthy! You have to listen to your body and its needs and be aware of what you are eating. eat healthy food, To feel comfortable in your body and in your head. “

The term “healthy food”Comes from California in the United States Dania informs Aladdin. “This part of the world is known for its cult of the perfect body and special attention to diet. A healthy lifestyle where you do regular exercise to maintain good health.”

Healthy eating means eating healthy and varied. Concretely for “healthy” eating, nutritionist Dania Aladdin recommends the following:

  • Choose to cook at home with raw foods : “Must Avoid prepared foods and processed foods to the extreme.” These are often richer in salts and sugars…
  • Eat seasonal fruits and vegetables raw or cooked at every meal.
  • Promote whole grains when you want starch
  • Meat intake varies with lean meats and fish being preferred.
  • he has one sufficient fluid intake :”Drinking at least 1.5 liters of water per day is essential for good health.”
  • Reduce alcohol consumption.
  • Promote good fats such as vegetable oils (instead of butter).

Eating “healthy” or healthy has many benefits:

  • The body is allowed Gather all the nutrients and essential items for its proper performance. says Dr. Noor Dagher Rovani, a nutritionist.
  • Maintain a stable weight : “Fruits, vegetables, and whole grains are rich in fiber. Fiber has an appetite-suppressing or satiating effect. In addition, limiting certain foods (processed, soft drinks, and refined sugars) by favoring recommended foods will help maintain a stable weight.”
  • Sleep well : “A meal that is too fatty and heavy will take time to be digested and will lead to a lower quality of sleep. In addition, a well-balanced and good diet avoids cravings to sleep at night.”

“If the number one goal is not to lose weight, Choosing a healthy, balanced diet as part of a healthy lifestyle can lead to weight lossDr. Noor Dagher Rovani says. Healthy eating is often accompanied by physical activity. The latter can allow, in addition to working for health, to promote a calorie deficit, effectively losing weight. “To lose weight, you must not deprive yourself of food to avoid entering a phase of cognitive limitations. Remember to accompany your diet with a Regular physical activity as well as a Good hydration It’s the key to losing weight.”

To eat healthy, you must Rely on raw foods. Feeding lists:

  • fresh produce.
  • All cereal.
  • Seasonal vegetables and fruits.
  • Lean meat.
  • fish.
  • legumes.
  • Seeds.
  • Good vegetable oils.

On a healthy plate we find:

  • Vegetables such as zucchini, eggplant, carrots …
  • Carbs: wholegrain pasta, quinoa, sweet potatoes…
  • Proteins: salmon fillet, chicken fillet …
  • Fats provided by olive and sunflower oil.

Some Foods to avoid for a healthy diet. can be eaten”to enjoy from time to time.” So as not to cause frustration.

  • refined sugars
  • Industrial cakes.
  • meals to prepare.
  • Soft drinks.
  • fast foods.
  • Fatty meats and charcuterie.

“Healthy cooking means combining different food groups while enjoying your meal.” says Dania Aladdin, a registered dietitian. She advises to cook as healthy as possible “Make meals out of raw, unprocessed foods.” Next, she recommends using oils that “Part of a “healthy” diet : “For cooking, go ahead with olive oil and sunflower oil and for seasoning your dishes, you can resort to olive oil, walnut oil, linseed oil, rapeseed oil…”


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