What happened to Anthony Anderson? Explore health as the latest viral weight loss photo emerges


Comedian and actor Anthony Anderson recently appeared The Kelly Clarkson Show. The last episode of the show caused quite a stir as Anderson spoke about the link between type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

He shared a photo of himself on Instagram where he looked like he had lost some weight. The image alarmed netizens, who were worried that he might be ill.

Anthony Anderson has been suffering from type 2 diabetes for about 20 years now. In order to keep the condition in check, he had to make some changes in his lifestyle, which resulted in him losing weight, thus explaining his appearance in the photo.

However, the image was also liked by a few as they were happy to lose weight, considering it was a huge challenge for him throughout his life.

Anthony Anderson has battled diabetes since the beginning of his career

Anthony Anderson has been struggling with Type 2 diabetes for around 20 years (Image via Leon Bennett/Getty Images)

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After the diagnosis, Anderson revealed that he had to make some changes in his daily life because he didn’t want his family to go through what he was through after his father’s death. Accustomed himself to a healthy lifestyle:

“I take time for myself; I meditate, and I do yoga. I start my day walking barefoot on the floor.”

He even decided to lose some weight, and after that he was dumped Law and order, he calls his friend The Rocker, who introduces him to a dietician. Anderson bought a bike and used it to get around between shoots. That’s how he managed to lose about 47 pounds, explaining his appearance in a recent Instageam photo.

Anderson has also teamed up with Get Real About Diabetes to raise awareness of the medical condition.

Anthony Anderson has appeared in various movies and TV shows

Anthony Anderson is famous for portraying various roles in TV shows such as Black-ish, K-Ville, Law & Order, and more. He has also appeared in movies like Kangaroo Jack The Departed And scream 4.

The 52-year-old last appeared in the romantic comedy, You peoplewhich was directed by Kenya Paris. Co-starring Jonah Hill, Lauren London, David Duchovny, Nia Long, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Eddie Murphy. The movie was released on Netflix on January 27, 2023.

Anderson will also lend his voice to the character Ray Ray in the second season of the Disney+ animated series, The Proud Family: Louder and Proud.


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