Weight, spouse, children, “atypical physique” (and “dragon tail on the mouth”?)


Constantly judged for its silhouette, Valérie Damidot, who celebrates her 58th birthday on January 18, is raved about by xenophobic comments. Find out all about the inner starlet, slim and feeling good about herself, from weight gain to diets, including marriage to Regis and children Norman and Roxanne…

Valerie Damidot He turns 58 years old on January 18th! The queen of decoration is no longer on the small screen as she once was, but she continues to shine on her YouTube channel and in the hearts of the French. Find out everything you (maybe) didn’t know about the flight attendant, from her weight to the couple, passing through her family life, and her (new) place of residence…

Latest news about Valerie Damidot

Valerie Damidot: A matter of weight

Valerie Damidot lost 14 kilos in one year Thanks to weight watchers, who became its ambassador:I’m really happy. At my age, with my health concerns and menopause…“, captured in March 2022 of public. Because the bubbly blonde has suffered a lot weight reviews Since the beginning of his career. “They put me in my mouth. When I started working on television, I had journalists with exceptional questions that we no longer ask today. For example, I had a guy say to me, “How does it feel to do a major TV show with a Radio physics?“,” she said in an interview with Expensive. “Indeed I did not start television at a very young age, in this environment where youthfulness is strong, but in addition to that I was overweight. So I had this thing: “The girl hits, She is fat and she is oldI was told: ‘You’re breaking codes.’you remember.

Valérie Damidot, hired in the M6 ​​thanks to her XXL measurements?

In 2006, Valerie Damidot became known to the general public thanks to her show D & Co on M6. But the intentions of the series weren’t initially the most honorable: “M6 hired me because they were looking, I quote:”Marianne James of DecorationBasically, Cute little fat girl Because at that time Marianne James was doing La Nouvelle Star and she was very popular. I was the good friend I was wearing overalls that disgusted with paintI was learning to mess around (laughs).

Valerie Damidot: + 30 kg after the birth of her son

It’s after The birth of his son Norman, more than 27 years ago, Valerie Damidot suffered from significant weight gain. “I gained 30 lbs And we can’t help but accept, but there’s a wonderful thing about obesity that we always think so Adults eat that they are big pigs. We never think of Hormonal problem, disease, dysfunctionI explained to Expensive.

However, Valérie Damidot has it Thyroid problem:”I tried To regulate it all, on a dietBut the problem with hypothyroidism is that it’s complex and a lot of the time, we diet not very much. I was doing the wrong thing, because to me it was all or all the other, so I didn’t have a great diet picture“.

Valerie Damidot talks about her “atypical” body

Facing the gazes of others, the hostess questioned herself. I always do 38-40 And suddenly I went to 46. And there, others make you wonder if you’re normal or not. At first it was a little difficult. And then all the questions asked by the journalists who circumvented my country “Atypical” body structure. I got this word even though I didn’t have a dragon’s tail on my face either. But what are we talking about?I wondered, still Expensive.

But in spite of all the detractors, loyal decorators, 57 years oldHe never lost faith in her. “I don’t have this thing about feeling ugly in my body. I go to the beach, I go to the pool. I have accepted my body and I love it”, the facilitator reassured, well in his sneakers.

Valerie Damidot: Husband and Marriage

Valerie Damidot is swimming in happiness Regis FugateAudio sound engineer Companion for over 20 years. “My friend when he met me I was fat, he loved meshe explained, before explaining that he hadtook the package“.

In spite of everything, the 58-year-old flight attendant has no intention of marrying the person she loves. “Because the organization is crazy! And wheat costs such mad! I’d rather put my money somewhere else And Barbecue in my garden with my friendsI explained. Especially since Valerie Damidot hardly needs a contract He sealed his love for the sound engineer. Her two children, Norman, 26, and Roxanne, 28, whom she gave birth to with a longtime love affair, have grown up with Regis Fugate. “for them, Regis is their fathershe confided.

Who are the children of Valerie Damidot?

Just like his daughter, Valerie Damidot Roxanne He’s also completely comfortable in his own skin: “My daughter Roxanne has always had her personality assumes her femininity. She has been with a man for six years Who loves her with her curves. Looks like Botticelli. She has a very thin waist, fair skin, and curves. She takes full responsibility. She is a natural and she really listens to herself. It’s not about looks“.

As for his son, Normanhe “Very caring with womenExpensive:”He always had different girlfriends, round girlfriends, less round girlfriends. But at the same time we have a tolerant family“.

Where does Charles Damidot live?

Valerie Damidot account Leaving Paris to settle very soon in Angoulême, in Charentethe department whose magic I discovered while filming the TV series Bonnot victory. “With its impressive architecture, friendly atmosphere, and cultural events, there is an incredible energy there all year round.l captured our time. And to add:There are a lot of very nice titles out there and I wouldn’t rule out opening my own decor shop here one day.“.

What happened to Valérie Damidot?

In 2016 Valérie Damidot put her brushes on hold to join TF1. For a while the host presented several shows on the channel such as The secret life of catsAnd My most beautiful birthday where The most beautiful holidays. But now the queen of decoration is a rarity on television. the reason ? She doesn’t know her! At the Europe 1 mic, the host announced in July 2022 that she did not understand why TF1 did not bring her more proposals: “I don’t know, I don’t know. Not because they weren’t told. After a while, due to general enthusiasm, the case was dropped (…) I think I’m too old… I really want to do a zina show again, to help people, to have funmessage received …


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