Top fitness providers detail their 2022 highlights


Fitness company executives detail the highlights of 2022

One of the phenomena of 2022 in this sector has been the stable demand for home fitness products. Photo: Freepik.

(30-1-2023). CMDSport Magazine No. 456 collects the opinions of different company and brand managers in the fitness sector in Spain. The directors highlight the main phenomena that occurred during the year 2022.

The company directors and suppliers consulted analyze the fitness sector during 2022 and highlight the most important phenomena that occurred throughout the year.

Executives list various factors such as: A gradual recovery to pre-COVID normality. the emergence of unexpected events that increase uncertainty and instability; the increasing importance of health and sanitation in the concept of physical fitness; opening new gyms and centers (from personal business initiatives to landing international chains); stable demand for home fitness products; Firm commitment of gyms to technology, hardware and digitization, and youth inclusion as fitness users, among other trends.

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To read the full article, it is available in the Fitness Gym section of the magazine No. 456, corresponding to December 2022.

Here are some of the most famous phrases:


The most prominent phenomenon that characterized the fitness sector this year is the gradual recovery of normalcy, almost reaching 2019 levels.

This was the best news: the normalization of the work of sports centers that, although they remained cautious in their investment, took this recovery with enthusiasm and hope.


The most positive factor is that we have restored the habits that the pandemic took away from us and we are back in the gyms as usual, while maintaining the improvements implemented as a result of this health crisis.

Even more negative is the feeling of instability caused by the inflationary situation we are in, despite the fact that gyms are one of the safest business models.

Etenon Fitness Rafael Rodriguez

I highlight two aspects of 2022: the large number of sports centers that have been opened from the various chains already established in Spain; and the incorporation of new chains into our territory such as Energie Fitness, F45 or Fit20.

The best part of the year was the revitalization of the sector at pre-pandemic levels and the number of new entrepreneurs with innovative projects from multiple disciplines.

Fitness and fitness Mark Marymon

2022 was a catalytic year. It was characterized by a significant increase in the number of young people (18-25 years) in the centers. This age group, which was in the minority in previous years, has basically exploded in search of strength training. This means that many centers have modified their offerings, increasing the spaces for this direction. At the same time, we detected an increase in the offerings of functional, personal and holistic training centers and Pilates centers, which focus primarily on the audience of older age groups.

Harpies Mario Morant

During 2022, there is a trend to go beyond the services provided in this sector. A fitness professional really cares about the physical health condition of the people they advise. This is no longer just a routine service, diet and follow-up. In this line, new standards regarding the general well-being of clients, and their daily after-hours exercise habits, began to become available, and this became key to achieving overall results.

Salter Marta Pedro

The best thing is the recovery of the utility sector. It is believed that gyms, despite the difficulties they still have to face, especially due to the increase in energy costs, are renovating the spaces. The arrival of new foreign chains is indicative of the good health of the fitness and fitness industry in general.

Rockfight Pablo Alonso

The increase in energy costs due to the global situation was the worst, as this fact caused investments to stagnate, especially in sports centers, which slowed growth expectations and put a large number of companies at risk in our sector.

Sportimba Fernando Casillas

There are two phenomena that stand out from the rest because of their impact on our sector: the involvement of segments of society in the sector that they had not previously approached, as a result of the social changes of the pandemic; and the widespread acceptance that digitization has imposed on our daily lives.

The most negative element is that these circular changes that we experience are also a source of instability that does not allow us to analyze the scale of our values ​​or our reference elements in perspective.

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