Top 5 dumbbell biceps exercises so you can get more muscle


AndTraining can be complicated, especially if we don’t have the time to go to the gym and/or prefer to focus on a specific type of equipment. Today, at MARCA, we’ll talk about some Exercises that can be performed with dumbbells.

Most of them can be done at home with the same weights that we buy, although they are workable in any gym. let it be, It is always advised to get professional help as much as possible. According to the circumstances of each one.

Dumbbell curl

We start with one of the simplest exercises: dumbbell curls. It is, in fact, one of the easiest things to do at home, as the necessary items are easy to come by. theOr more importantly, yes, it is a good choice of weight that we are going to liftWell, we can’t start with 20 kilos if we never do exercises of this kind.

The process is simple: we take dumbbells with our palms facing up and gradually raise and lower them. It is very important to keep your back straight and your chest firm. during exercise to avoid hurting ourselves. The movements should be “fluid” in the sense that you don’t have to jerk or move your elbows. A good way to start is with 3 sets of 10, although you can also do this to failure.

Doing an exercise to failure means doing the repetitions until we are tired enough not to continue, but without forcing them in an extreme way.

Hammer knot

We will also do it with dumbbells and the indices of a straight back and a firm chest will remain the same; We must avoid putting pressure on the back or other areas, where the effort must be exerted by the biceps. This is why it is also important not to jerk. You have to try to keep the arm and elbow still.

The grip in this case is neutral and you can raise it simultaneously with both arms, or alternately. The hammer’s name is because the grip is lateral. so by saying, The hands are facing our bodies and the upper weight of the dumbbell is facing the ceiling When we have the elbow at an angle of 90 degrees. The number of groups is the same as a regular curl.

Barbell bicep curl exercise

The exercise changes in the sense that this time a bar is used with which to increase or decrease the weight, although it is always advisable to start with a lower effort to avoid any kind of injury. The process is the following: You should place your legs shoulder width apart with your knees slightly bent.

continuationYou have to grab the bar with your hands slightly wider than shoulder width apart. The grip should be supinated and you should try to keep your elbows slightly close to your body. We do this so that the biceps are trained, and not other muscles. It is recommended to repeat 10 or fail, but it always depends on yourself.

z bar curl

This is very similar to the previous exercise, but it uses a differently shaped barbell that puts less stress on your elbows and wrists. It is more recommended for those who are just starting out, because the initial effort is less. Five reps of seven is a good number to start with, but it always depends on yourself.

machine crimp

It is this last alternative that we leave to you It is better suited for those people who go to the gym and avoids many mistakes we can make because of bad posture.. The process and movement must lift a certain amount of weight or overcome the resistance of some pulleys, but with a mode predetermined by the specificity of the machine itself.


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