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Since its establishment in 2016, TikTok is full of food accounts Each one more appetizing than the other. Asian cuisine, simple recipes, noodles of all kinds or even vegetarian dishes… There is something for everyone. Discover our selection now One of the best food accounts on TikTok (She can also be found on Team Millennials’ Instagram.)

1. Diego Alari

Find out in the eleventh season of top chef in 2020, Diego Alari Undoubtedly it is Chief Food Accountant at TikTok. At only 25 years old, he is the most followed French chef in the world on the Chinese social network. On the Program: Simple Recipes Revisited for Stunning Effect. He even released A.J An easy and inexpensive cookbook for students. In short, consume without moderation.

diegoalary egg casserole with mushrooms?? #tiktokfood #recipe #egg #tiktokacademie ♬ Memories of Paris – Paris Cafe Society

2. Max LaManna

This is the account to follow Vegan and zero waste cooking. in 2019, Max has no mana Published the first recipe book More plants, less waste And the second is preparing for the spring of 2023. If Recipes are 100% doubt leaving the fun aside: everything is too much I feel flattered and greedy. Enough to adopt an ethical and gourmet cuisine, in complete agreement with oneself, one’s health and the planet.

@maxlamanna it’s corn I got juice #corn #itsgotthejuice #itscorn ♬ it’s corn – Tariq Brothers Gregory’s treat and back

3. Whoogies

You will hypnotize with his sweet voice worthy of the best radio announcers. whoogysalso known as Hugo, launched his page in December 2020 after moving from Paris to Brussels. Lover of sauces and fermented products, he will know how to please you with his gourmet recipes than ever before. And you will see that he loves split peppers.

@summer #ajoblanco #tiktokfood #tiktokacademie #vegetarian #recipe #kitchen ♬ original sound – Whoogy’s?

4. The Pasta Queen

Nadia Katrina Mono, aka Pasta QueenHe is pure Italian. Born in Rome, she grew up surrounded by pasta and remembers the gnocchi she made with it nona When she was 5 years old. A true lover of her country’s cuisine, she delivers A thousand pasta recipes For a change of classic cheese crusts.

the_pastaqueen Macaroni and Peas and Cheese – A virtual workshop that no hungry child will benefit from. Check out the resume! Williams Sonoma #williamssonoma #partner ♬ original sound – The Pasta Queen

5. Poppycooks

After the pasta queen, find out Potato Queen. poppies She revisits potatoes in all their forms: in salads, as a gratin, roasted, stuffed with cheese… Her signature recipe? potatoes 15 hours : a pancake of crispy potatoes, first seasoned with roasted garlic then baked and finally fried in oil. Do you make your mouth water? Go check out his videos.

poppycooks episode 11 ✨ 15 hour garlic fries ✨ ? ❤️ #garlic #confitgarlic #15hourpotato ♬ Chopin Nocturne No. 2 Piano Mono – moshimo sound design

6. Chef Matt Brossard

Member of the prestigious list 30 under 30” from Forbeswhich highlights young people under the age of thirty, Matt Brossard He has one of the most followed food accounts on TikTok. The president loves Resumption of the classicsSurprisingly: sandwiches, burgers, cold soups… You’ll definitely find something to treat you!

acook callingmatt queso flameado #snack ♬ original sound – Chef Matt Broussard

7. Fitgreenmind

No offense to meat lovers, World Kitchen is full of vegetarian recipes Each one more delicious than the other. And this is Maya Linenbach, aka fitgreenmind, I got it. Thai, Vietnamese, African, Turkish cuisine… She is particularly fond of Indian recipes, which she always cooks to perfection. Briefly Vegan World Tourfrom here !

my fetgreenmind is for gor those hot days?? #veganfood #easyveganrecipes #easyrecipe #quickrecipes ♬ Originalton – Maya Leinenbach

8. On the edge of the plate

Here you will not find recipes for pasta or pies of all kinds, but rather recipes for you to learn how to do so Create your core products. Cheeses, condiments, pickles, bread, drinks… you’ll soon be as talented as the best restaurateurs in Paris! Our favorite: the homemade ginger beer recipe.

auborddelplate ginger beer recipe? #tiktokfood #tiktokacademie #gingerbeer #fermentation #ginger ♬ Epic Music (863502) – Draganov89

9. Teffy Cox

Look at that! You will soon know the sound of this by heart Asian food goddess. Welcome from Taiwan, home to some of the best street food in the world, TV He grew up loving cooking and food. Homemade noodles, fried rice, ramen, onigiri, plated meat… everything looks so delicious.

tiffycooks All you need are four simple ingredients to make this pasta!! #noodles #spicy #easyrecipe ♬ original sound – TIFFY COOKS?

10. Juan Arbelaez

previous offer top chefAnd Juan Arbelaez Promotes an accessible and shared kitchen. Born in Colombia, the Paris-based chef loves to share recipes that bear witness to this Latin culture Ceviche, tacos, stuffed squid, gazpacho, etc. In short, dishes that smell of good sun and that Decentralize the kitchen at home.

juanarbelaezchef stuffed squid, anyone? ? #recipes #tiktokrecipe #food #foodtiktok #foodlover #color #sun ♬ original sound – Juan Arbelaez

11. Pierce Abernathy

If we describe recipes Pierce Abernathy In two words, it will be “Freshness Incarnate”. Vegetarian cuisine lovers Unconditional fan dips Of all kinds, young Canadian will make you discover Ingredients you won’t get used to seeing Elsewhere. Very original recipes that really give saliva.

@pierzza I had no clue what I was doing with this. #learnontiktok #foryoupage #fyp #healthyrecipes #healthyfood ♬ original sound – Pierzza

12. The bazaba

Here is the account that is submitted Recipes are very simple and convenient To enjoy your time at home. Pasta gratin, homemade nuggets, tartiflite, super-melted cookies … with bazabaNo room for moderation or lightness: Cheese and delicaciesIt’s our greatest pleasure.

@pazapah The trifle in the skillet that makes us all crack up? #recettefacile #recettefacile #autumn #pourtoi #tartiflette #ideerecette #tropbon ♬ CUFF IT – Beyoncé

13. Sunday Cook

Are you sweeter than savory? Go directly to Mehdi’s account, Alias Sunday Cook. This young man Ducasse School graduate, from the Paris region, shares a sweet, or sometimes savory, recipe every Sunday on his TikTok account. Homemade sweets, cakes and chocolates… everything for your preparation The king or queen of desserts.

dimanchecook chocolate praline bread? #tiktokacademie #portoiweek – Timal

14. Carolina Guillen

Originally from Transylvania, Carolina Guillen He immigrated to the United States in 2021 to pursue his passion for cooking. his credo: Gourmet recipes are accessible, but above all very colourful. There you will find Associations you never thought ofLike the “Cheese and beansOr even a pineapple burger.

@carolinagelen pumpkin pie #baked #baked #pumpkinseason ♬ forever – The Little Dippers

15. Thomas Strucker

If, like us, you are real Addicted to buttered toastThen you should definitely follow an account Thomas Strucker. This English chef, who loves simple cuisine and high-quality products, has created a series of videos titled “Everything is butter” where is he Revisit Butter in a thousand ways By adding flavor to it and incorporating other ingredients. What should be completely painted …

thomas_straker Bonemarrow and chilli butter – All Things butter #ForYourPage #FYP #Butter #ButterTok ♬ original sound – Thomas Straker


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