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«Mom, Dad, how old am I going to get married? With one, with two, with three … ». And the girls who jumped rope in the schoolyard laughed when one of them reached 100 jumps. “How will we get married at 100 years old?” They hung between laughter.

And just like that, there are many other songs and techniques when it comes to this Jump ropeYou can even do this practice with your partner or a boxer’s style, like Rocky Balboa himself. It is definitely a very fun and motivating exercise.

Jump rope coach Gerard Rodriguezt (@gerardrodriguezt) points out that there are many styles to learn, and once we unlock them, we can combine them. “There are jumps that focus more on footwork and others on hand coordination.

That is why it has always been part of the training of the best fighters.

To start training, you must Adjust your rope. Rodriguez points out that both feet should be centered, leaving a small distance between them. Each end of the rope should be the same length from the midpoint so that there is no misalignment between the handles.

“Stand on your rope and lift it up to see how far the handles can go. The idea is that the handles go no further than your shoulders and that the rope reaches your chest,” the expert explains.

As you gain more fluency or proficiency with the rope, you will be able to Height reset. And he adds: «In this case, instead of reaching the upper chest, the handles should reach you from the lower part of it, because in this way you will spend less energy in the jump (a shorter stroke increases the speed with less), and you will even continue to jump longer ».

To do it right, Alex García, Director of Fit Club, advises starting with Filling in the jointsEspecially in the ankles, wrists, and knees: “You should practice with a straight back, relaxed shoulders, arms close to the body, and eyes forward.” Among other things, remember to keep your knees slightly bent to soften the blow and avoid injury. “In addition, keep the ‘core’ activated throughout the training session to improve exercise performance.”

to Reduce joint impact– Shears Rodriguez – Use a mat or mat, wear good running shoes, and if you feel any kind of discomfort in your ankles, knees or calves, stop. Rest for a few days and recover. Learn the jumping technique and thus you will reduce the risk of injury.

Jumping rope is an exercise that is carried from children to adults. However, Alex Garcia Not recommended for people entering adulthood: «It is not the best exercise for those over 40, because at this age many of the injuries accumulated at 20 or 30 tend to take their toll. In case you are in good health, it is 100% recommended to improve cardiovascular capacity and breathing control.

Also, this exercise, like any other, Not recommended for those with injuries, because the impact from the jump will aggravate said injury. “If a person, no matter their age, is physically fit and ready to jump, why not do it? It’s totally recommended,” he concludes.

Learn the Rocky Balboa Technique

In sports such as boxing or CrossFit, various jump rope techniques are practiced so that it is not easy and requires additional knowledge and work to implement. You are watching a movie rockyYou try to imitate him, but you can’t. why? Because you need to follow these steps that Gerard Rodriguez shares.

First on you Learn to move the feet without a rope: heel to gluteus, kick forward and change feet. Practice the sequence until you gain fluency, and once you’ve mastered the movement, incorporate wrist swings to work on coordination. Finally add the rope and do it all together.

How to choose a good rope

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced, choosing the best rope for your ability will help you achieve results faster. Here are Gerard Rodriguez’s recommendations:

Jump rope for beginners

Any type of string of greater thickness and weight will be suitable for beginners, since its fluidity and rotation are slower and allow you to feel the rhythm and contact with the ground itself, resulting in greater control from the start.

Jump rope for tricks and freestyle

Plastic or noodle ropes would be best suited due to their flexibility, speed, and handling. With them, you can make original touch-ups and become a master of “freestyle”.

Skipping rope for HIIT and CrossFit

Finally, if your main training is CrossFit, you’ll have no other choice but to get on a high-speed rope, so you can do double or triple jumps with incredible ease.

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