This is fitness influencer Mike O’Hearn’s arm workout


The American bodybuilder shared one of the exercises he does to gain more muscles in his arms.

Actor, model and professional bodybuilder Mike O’Hearn, 1.80 meters tall and 120 kilograms, is a real-life superhero. And just in case you forgot his strength and time as a bodybuilder, O’Hearn uploaded an arm workout to his YouTube channel. Open with a narrow-grip bench press of 350 pounds for an impressive 10 reps.

Then the Titan, as he’s known, had a full workout with NFL Network analyst Heath Evans.

O’Hearn is a four-time Mr. Universe winner and multi-time bodybuilder champion, competing in powerlifting, strongman trials, and martial arts. He has graced hundreds of covers of fitness and bodybuilding magazines and starred as Thor and Titan in the original American Gladiator series (1989-1996) and the 2008 revival of the show, respectively.

Born in Washington, he is known and respected for his immense knowledge of training and nutrition. O’Hearn popularized strength building, a hybrid training style that combines bodybuilding and powerlifting to help a lifter build strength, size, and definition.

For the arm workout, O’Hearn teamed up with Evans, who made headlines in 2017 after bench pressing 220 pounds for 45 reps while covering the NFL Scouting Combine.

“The trick is to push and pull,” Evans said afterwards, trying to catch his breath. “So you’re moving the weight fast, if I had a DB (defensive back), he wouldn’t hit me slow, he’d hit me hard, so you push and pull.

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