The study found that multiple nutritional supplements may promote weight loss and fertility in mice


Six weeks of inducing obesity with a Western diet resulted in a significant increase in energy intake and a clear increase in body weight versus a low-fat diet.

This rat study found that daily FE supplementation attenuated body weight gain, white adipose tissue (WAT) expansion, and stage 1-2 NAFLD in both male and female Western diet-fed rats, and increased mating frequency and number of litters on fed rats. WD. It controls, at least in part by alleviating ovarian inflammation and ovarian atresia.

The report’s authors, from McMaster University Medical Center State, previously showed that a nearly identical multi-ingredient supplement effectively attenuated body weight gain and WAT expansion in male DIO rats fed a high-fat diet (60% of total calories).

The present study aimed to extend these findings to both male and female mice fed a Western diet (42% of total calories and 345 g/kg sucrose) and demonstrate the effects of lipolysis in the liver with attenuation of cell senescence, inflammation and apoptosis. . (Stage 1 – 2 NAFLD).

We conclude that multi-ingredient supplementation of specific antioxidants, vitamins, and plant extracts may be effective for improving fertility in overweight and obese couples and should be considered as a viable adjunctive therapy in future clinical trials.. the researchers stated.

“Collectively, our preclinical studies indicate that both central and peripheral factors, including appetite suppression, enhanced lipolysis, induction of WAT browning, and anti-inflammatory effects, lead to marked weight loss benefits.”


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