The best treatments to obtain deep hydration of your hair

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Over the years, the different dyes or treatments we use have hair and the heat tools we use for different hairstyles, our hair deteriorates and it is very common for it to dry out and look more dull and brittle.

THE hydration treatments They are the safe bet to give us our hair back smoothness AND incandescence which sometimes disappears

However, we don’t always have the time or the means to afford a hairdresser’s treatment, which is why we wanted to compile the best treatments to deeply moisturize the hair, from home and with very simple steps that you can embed in your own daily routineso that this summer you don’t let your hair look unkempt.

From oils to shampoos regenerators, these are the best techniques to take care of any type of hair.

Holistic for WOMEN – 28 ampoules of hair loss treatment


The holistic box includes 28 drinkable doses (ensuring greater absorption of the ingredients), one for each day of the month, with two days off (it is recommended to take after breakfast and for a minimum period of six months to obtain effective results in weeks).

Holistic ampoules were made with hyaluronic acid, which provides hydration and rebuilds fibers of collagen, as well as having antioxidants that keep hair healthy, preventing breakage.

Each vial contains a perfect combination of vitamins that help strengthen hair, skin and nails: vegan collagen, vitamin C and other 100% natural active ingredients. This formula was created especially for women.

Olaplex Hair Perfector Repairing Treatment No. 3


It is a repairman that rebuilds the hair fibers and not a shampoo or conditioner as such and, even if you have not applied the previous treatment, it is ideal for repairing dry, damaged and brittle hair.

  1. Ideally, apply once a week (increase to two or three if hair is severely damaged) and use before your regular shampoo.

  2. Wet your hair and dry it with a towel.

  3. Apply a generous amount of Olaplex nº3 from scalp to ends and cover all hair.

  4. Leave on for a minimum of 10 minutes, more for very damaged hair.

  5. Rinse the mane and wash it in the usual way.

Slick Gorilla Styling Powder


This brand, designed to offer a solution to daily styling needs and achieve a it seems modern and randomshe opted for a styling powder that achieves a matte finish, but without sacrificing hold.

In this way, when applied to the hair, hairstyles can be obtained strength and volume that defy gravity but are not rigid. Bangs, clumps or unruly curls can be easily fixed with it, resulting in a natural and beautiful effect on the hair, which retains its usual color and shine.

more tricks

Find your ideal oil

Hair oils are the perfect ally for those who tend to have dry hair (and even more so in summer).

those of coconut, Argan OR almonds they are the ones that work best and can be applied in different ways.

Before or after washing on the ends or throughout the hair as a night mask.

Especially this brand Revlon It is a hair repairer with 100% natural ingredients that also fights frizz.

The complete treatment

A treatment from expert luxury hair care brand, ICON, that locks in moisture in the hair to grow it AND moisturize it and which also triumphed this 2022.

And that’s no less, because this range contains three perfect products to use together or separately and in the way you want to adapt it to your routine.

Mask once a week

One of the fundamental and most useful steps to give your hair a boost of hydration are masks.

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Whether it is bought OR homemade (which can be made with avocado or egg, for example), apply a mask weekly and you’ll soon notice the changes.

If you prefer to buy one, this is a great option. Of the brand Moroccan oilis a revitalizing hair treatment that renews hair in 5-7 minutes.

More tricks to take care of your hair

  1. Change the shampoo usual for another moisturizing.
  2. Clarify the hair with cold wateras it improves blood circulation, helps eliminate waste from the day and provides extra shine.
  3. trim the ends (about five centimeters) and groom the mane to strengthen it.







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