The benefits and harms of cloves.. Get to know them

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The clove plant is characterized by its medicinal properties and sweet aromatic taste, and the clove plant has many benefits, including:

It includes compounds present in it with many health benefits. It helps support liver health, stabilizes blood sugar levels, and is a rich source of antioxidants and bacteria. We will talk in detail about the benefits and harms of cloves , in addition to its benefits with milk and for pregnant women.

Damage to cloves:
Clove nutrients
Cloves contain fiber, vitamins and minerals, so using cloves to add flavor to food can provide some important nutrients. A teaspoon of ground cloves contains carbohydrates, fiber, minerals and vitamins such as manganese, vitamin K and vitamin C.

It is also low in calories, and in addition to the nutrients mentioned above, crushed cloves contain small amounts of calcium, magnesium and vitamin E. Below we mention the benefits and harms of cloves.

Benefits of cloves as an antioxidant
In addition to containing many important vitamins and minerals, cloves are rich in antioxidants, which help prevent the development of chronic diseases. It also contains a compound called eugenol, which has been shown to act as a natural antioxidant. It also contains vitamin C, which acts as an antioxidant in the body and helps neutralize free radicals.

Benefits of clove oil

Benefits of cloves in cancer protection
The eugenol present in cloves has been found to have anticancer properties, as it effectively promotes the death of cancer cells. Laboratory studies have shown that clove oil causes the death of 80% of esophageal cancer cells and eugenol promotes the death of cervical cancer cells.

Benefits of cloves as an antibacterial
One of the benefits of cloves has been shown to be that it has antimicrobial properties, as it helps stop the growth of microorganisms such as bacteria, and among its benefits for the abdomen is that it can kill E. Coli, a strain of bacteria that can cause cramps, diarrhea, fatigue and even death.

Benefits of cloves for teeth
The antibacterial properties of cloves can help promote oral health and reduce the risk of gum disease. Dental cloves can also be used as a topical anesthetic for pain, either by using the oil or by chewing a clove on your stomach empty in the morning.

One of the benefits of cloves is that they help eliminate mouth odor throughout the day.

Benefits of cloves for the digestive system:
The benefits of cloves for the digestive system are many; Helps heal stomach ulcers, also known as peptic ulcers. Where animal studies show that the use of the extract and oil increases the production of gastric mucus, and this mucus acts as a barrier and helps prevent erosion of the stomach lining by digestive acids, but more is still needed human studies. To confirm the benefits of cloves for the digestive system.

It also has an effective role in treating bloating and indigestion, as well as possibly helping prevent constipation and promoting regular bowel movement.

Benefits of cloves for diabetes
Animal and laboratory studies have shown that the compounds found in cloves help maintain blood sugar levels, increase the absorption of blood sugar into cells, increase insulin secretion, and improve the function of the cells that produce it. insulin. This benefit is one of the benefits of chewing cloves on an empty stomach.

For the liver:
The beneficial compounds in cloves may help promote liver health. Eugenol may be especially beneficial for the liver, as it improves liver function and reduces inflammation and oxidative stress, but more research is needed. Since human studies on the benefits of cloves and eugenol.
Benefits of cloves for immunity
The benefits of cloves for immunity and blood are many; Vitamin C helps strengthen the immune system, while vitamin K is an important component of blood clotting and manganese is an essential mineral for maintaining brain function and building strong bones.

Benefits of cloves for the heart and blood vessels
One of the many benefits of cloves is that it helps reduce harmful levels of cholesterol and triglycerides in the body. Chewing cloves on an empty stomach in the morning can help.

Benefits Of Cloves For Hair:
The benefits of cloves for hair appear in promoting hair growth, reducing hair loss, making hair soft and shiny, easy to style and smelling nice, as well as reducing infections and infections of the scalp.

Benefits Of Cloves For Sleep:
The benefits of cloves for sleep have been found to include the following:

It prolongs the duration of sleep, reduces the duration of falling asleep and has an anti-anxiety effect.
and other benefits of cloves,
Clove benefits may also include:

Chewing cloves on an empty stomach reduces nausea and dizziness, while a stick of cloves under the tongue cures sore throats and relieves pain.
Clove oil helps lips gain a more attractive and fuller aesthetic shape, as it kills and repels insects.

Benefits of cloves with milk
Some countries are famous for eating cloves with milk, but there are no reliable studies whether there is any special benefits of eating cloves with milk, but the above mentioned clove benefits can be used additionally to the benefits of milk, which are represented in promoting heart and bone health and reducing the risk of cancer and depression. Being a rich source of calcium, protein and vitamin D.

How to use cloves:
There are many ways to use cloves, depending on the reason for use and the desired benefit from it, so grains or oil can be used.

How to use cloves
Cloves can be used whole or ground, by chewing them, drinking them soaked, or after boiling them with water, or drinking herbal teas containing cloves to get the benefits of boiling cloves, or they can be added ground to main meals and baked goods.

Chew cloves: Its benefits can be used under the tongue as an antibacterial, or cloves can be chewed on an empty stomach in the morning. To get rid of bad breath or morning sickness.
Drink soaked or boiled cloves: You can reap the benefits of clove infusion by drinking it every morning on an empty stomach, as soaked cloves can be prepared by taking a small amount of clove powder and putting it in water boiled, then letting it cool slightly and then drink it, and we mention the following harms of cloves.
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How to use clove oil
Clove oil can be bought from a drugstore or pharmacist, and we mention the following how to use the oil:

To cure toothacheIt is used to relieve toothache by mixing a small amount of clove oil with a small amount of any other type of oil such as olive oil, coconut oil or almond oil, then we put the oil mixture on a stick with a cotton swab, then we spread the area from which we suffer, and we use this mixture every two to three hours to relieve the pain.
For lips: The benefits of clove oil for full lips are obtained by mixing a drop of oil with a small amount of lip balm at your disposal, or with a teaspoon of honey, and leave it on for a minute until the tingling sensation does not subside, so wash your lips with water and moisturize them with the moisturizer at your disposal.
For Insects: Clove oil can be used to control insects and reduce their presence in the home. Because its aromatic scent works to expel insects such as mosquitoes, ants, moths and flies. The oil can also be used as an insecticide, as it is sprayed on grasses or ornamental plants.
Benefits of clove oil for firming the body and breasts.

Damage to cloves:
In addition to the benefits of soaked cloves and the benefits of boiled cloves, soaked or boiled cloves and its oil can lead to some side effects, especially if used incorrectly. Below we mention the harms of consuming soaked or boiled cloves, such as can lead to:

Stomach ache:
interaction with used medications such as aspirin, warfarin, and ibuprofen; Therefore, it is recommended that you consult a doctor before adding large amounts to your diet.
The harm of clove oil is also that frequent use of oil in the mouth or on the gums sometimes causes damage to the gums, tooth pulp, skin and mucous membranes.

The oil can be fatal at times, especially in children, as they are more susceptible to serious harm such as kidney and liver damage or failure.
Using undiluted clove oil can cause nausea, vomiting, sore throat, numbness, and blood disorders. Breathing difficulties may also occur.
The oil can lead to bleeding disorders in surgical cases, slow down blood clotting; Because it contains eugenol, the use of soaked oil or cloves can be fatal when used in large quantities. Therefore, they must be suspended at least two weeks before surgery.
There is not enough information about the safety of using cloves while pregnant or breastfeeding.

medical doses; Therefore, it is advised to avoid the use of cloves during pregnancy and while breastfeeding.








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