The Abdul Hameed Shoman Prize for Arab Scholars opens the door for applications for the 2023 session

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Amman-Al-Ghad – The Scientific Council of the Abdul Hameed Shoman Prize for Arab Scholars has announced the opening of applications for the prize for the 2023 session (the forty-first session), which amounts to “twenty thousand dollars” . it aims to increase scientific and applied knowledge, contribute to solving priority problems at local, regional and global levels and spread the culture of scientific research, noting that the deadline for accepting applications is March 31, 2023.
The areas of the award include the following topics: “Medical and Health Sciences, Forgetfulness and Dementia.” Researchers in the field of medical sciences focus on studying the factors that lead to forgetfulness and dementia and the role of metabolism in the emergence of this deadly disease. Related research receives the highest priority for support worldwide.
Then “Nutrition, diet and disease”, where recent research focuses on the preservation of generational security, and nutrition plays a fundamental and important role in this, since good nutrition preserves the growth of children and does not expose them to chronic diseases, and that eating healthy meals eliminates the risk of obesity, heart disease, diabetes and more.
And in “Engineering Science, 3D Printing Applications in Engineering,” 3D printing (or aggregative material manufacturing (AM)) is the ability to easily create the most complex geometries using layering. The use of 3D printing allows for greater innovation and flexibility in designs, and makes construction and manufacturing more cost effective. 3D printing is widely used in most engineering items such as: structural elements, most industrial applications and medical applications.
“Technology and efficiency of energy harvesting, methods and applications.” Energy harvesting is the process of collecting or capturing small amounts of energy from natural sources, and converting it into usable electricity to run electronic devices without the need to connect to the power grid. Energy harvesting can produce durable installations and sensors for many engineering applications.
In the field of “basic sciences, dynamical systems”, dynamical systems are a branch of applied mathematics which aims to study systems governed by a coherent set of laws over time, such as differential equations. Dynamical systems science focuses on understanding the geometric properties of pathways and their long-term behavior.
In “Thermal Physics”, thermal physics deals with the internal energy of bodies due to the movement of the atoms and molecules that make up the bodies, as well as the transfer of this energy from one body to another, called heat. “Humanities, social sciences and education – Models applied in future studies”, Studies relating to global strategic planning. Its aim is to propose scientific solutions to future political, social, economic and scientific dilemmas.
As for the field of “applied linguistics”, which is applied linguistics to benefit from linguistic theories and approaches by addressing practical issues related to language, and in the field of “technological and agricultural sciences – food security”, the theories, innovations and techniques in the field of food safety. In the field of “Supply Chain Technologies and their Applications”, “Technical Environment of Supply Chains: Services, Security and Confidentiality, Transparency and Decentralization”, and in the field of “Economic and Administrative Sciences – Financial Digital Transformation”, Challenges and Opportunities: Including: Operations Transformation, Business Model Transformation, Field Transformation and Cultural Transformation. As for “The Future of Business Administration: Remote Working and Flexible Working”, it includes: cooperation, organizational behavior, performance management, skills and learning, and work-life balance .
It should be noted that the Abdul Hameed Shoman Prize for Arab Scholars is the first Arab prize devoted to scientific research and celebrates Arab scholars. It was launched by the Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation, the branch of the Arab Bank for Cultural and Social Responsibility in 1982, with the aim of supporting scientific research and highlighting it in the Arab world, and to participate in the preparation and inspiration of a generation. of Arab researchers, experts and specialists in various scientific fields, given the limited capacities of institutions, universities and individuals. .
This prize differs from the scientific appreciation prizes awarded in the Arab world. Because it urges to shed light on scientific research and to push towards the search for practical solutions to problems on the ground, the Abdul Hameed Shoman Prize for Arab Scholars has also been able, during its 39-year career, to enjoy objectivity and credibility with Arab researchers, and good reputation in Arab academic circles.








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