The 9 best types of hair dye for damaged hair to protect it

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The best hair dyes for damaged hair benefit their hair as they suffer from hair damage in many forms such as dryness, brittleness and breakage, and they also love to change their hair color. They stay stylish and also want to minimize the damage to their hair, so we will cover the best dyes that can be used to reduce this problem in the regrowth area in the following dyes.

The best types of dyes for damaged hair

If you suffer from hair damage in many ways, you should always read the content of the dye and make sure that it is not natural, or at least it does not contain a lot of chemicals that damage your hair, so let us explain it to you. The best types of dyes for damaged hair in:

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Garnier Nutrisse nourishing lotion

Garnier Nutrisse Nourishing Hair Dye is a hair dye conditioner, which means it will give your hair a fully nourished, vibrant and shiny look, and it will come first if you are thinking about dyeing your hair among the best types of hair dyes damaged .

These types of dyes nourish the hair from root to tip and prevent hair loss on the scalp or dandruff and also contain grape seed oil and avocado oil. snap and curl.

L’oreal looks healthy

If you want to change your hair color, L’Oréal Healthy Look should be on your list of options because it is known to be the safest dye for your hair, giving it a healthy and vibrant look. It stands out among your friends, so it is included in the list of the best paints for damaged hair.

This dye differs from all other dyes in that it can dye hair strands as quickly as possible, cover white and gray hair well, and give hair the necessary nutrients, softness and moisture it needs. .

That’s why it’s known as the healthiest dye ever and stays on hair for over a month and best of all, it doesn’t contain ammonia or chemicals. Make sure you add shine to your hair and lock in the color for as long as possible.

Clairol Natural Instincts is semi-permanent

These types of dyes give your hair some benefits that women look for in hair dyes as they give your hair a bright and vibrant look which is what all women are looking for as it softens and moisturizes the hair wonderfully.

This is because it contains mango oil, which makes the hair soft and smooth, as well as giving it the necessary hydration, and treating damaged and lifeless hair, covers white or gray hair well from roots to ends, and is characterized by the property of ‘ammonia. . Damage-free formula.

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Permanent Revlon ColorSilk

Revlon Color Silk Permanent Hair Dye is one of the best types of hair dyes for damaged hair as chia seeds and coconut oil are the main components in the dye to play their role in adding vitality and shine to the hair and protect them. It is considered to be one of the best types of hair dyes for hair that has been damaged due to breakage or frizz issues.

This dye is distinguished by the absence of ammonia or other chemicals in its components, and this dye begins to fade gradually, as it covers white and gray hair and fixes its color in the hair for up to 30 days.

Garnier Olia Oil hair color is a permanent hair color

Since natural oils such as sunflower, camellia, meadow and passion flower make up 60% of its ingredients, the ingredients in this paint are natural oils. This prevents damage to your hair, adds shine, flow and vibrancy to your hair, and protects your scalp after using the dye.

Garnier dye is completely ammonia free, but does contain peroxide, which carries out the basic hair coloring process.

Shea Moisture Nourishing Color Palette

This dye comes in the form of a dripless hair coloring cream, so if you want to change the color of your hair and give it the necessary hydration and nutrition, you should choose this dye because it does not contain ammonia and they do not contain ammonia. It contains sulfates, making it the best type of hair dye for damaged hair.

Sia Neem dye moisturizes hair because it contains mongongo oil and hemp oil, so mongongo oil formulates hair and hemp oil stimulates hair growth and protects it from damage caused by hair dye.

Keune So Pure Permanent Hair Color

Keon is an international and well-known brand in the hair care world, so Keon dye is one of your favorite options on your list because it is contained in Pure Permanent Dye ingredients, which are a group of beneficial natural oils. For hair, such as Moroccan argan oil, jasmine oil and sandalwood.

These oils act as conditioners, moisturizing the hair from root to tip and providing essential Vitamin E for its nourishment, Jasmine oil soothes the scalp with its pleasant scent and Sandalwood stimulates. Hair grows, gives density and prevents hair loss.

In addition to all these features that we have mentioned above, it does not contain ammonia and parabens, so it is safe for your hair from the damages of the dyeing process.

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Herbatint 6C is a permanent herbal product

This dye contains mainly natural ingredients and benefits for hair, so it is considered the best choice for women who want to change their hair color naturally. Herbatint hair dye is permanent and is made from the gel extracted from the herbs that appear on the hair. it. The face of the product packaging.

Herbatint dye is available in 30 different colors and covers gray hair very well and is completely free of ammonia and other chemicals, so you can dye your hair however you want without fear of damage to the dye and your hair.

L’Oreal Inoa ammonia-free permanent hair color

The Royal brand is famous in the world of hair and skin care, especially when it comes to hair dyes… This dye from L’Oreal contains many oils that penetrate the layers of the hair and scalp and is suitable for everyone . Hair types and permanent hair up to 6 weeks.

This dye is available in 113 different hair colors and shades, and seeks to reduce the damage caused by coloring as it does not contain ammonia and can cover gray hair, with the benefit of bleaching the hair or making it up to 3 degrees deeper . by a very large percentage.

Benefits of ammonia-free hair dyes

Ammonia is a substance that damages the hair and makes it lose its vitality and shine, because its effect does not manifest itself immediately after dyeing, but rather in the long term, so women suffer damage afterwards, and therefore care must be taken to . The dye does not contain ammonia, but among the benefits of ammonia for hair:

  • The dye does not cause irritation or itching on the scalp.
  • The color stays on the hair longer.
  • Reduces damage to hair follicles.
  • The paint does not weaken and strengthens the hair.

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Therefore, today we have presented our discussion of the best types of hair dyes for damaged hair, the best types of hair dyes, how they benefit the hair or if they contain ingredients that are harmful to the hair and the benefits of ammonia free hair dye. We hope it has helped you.








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