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  • Can working from home harm your health?

    In recent days there have been many discussions aboutsweets that he takes employees In their offices, after a virulent intervention by Professor Susan Jebb, head of the Food Standards Agency (the department responsible for the protection General health compared to food in England, Wales and Northern Ireland). Read more This section contains related articles, placed […]

  • Libyan food security is threatened and the danger of hunger affects a third of the population

    Unexpected inspection campaigns carried out by the Municipal Guard in Libya On certain food stores, reputable restaurants and even pharmacies and hospitals of the scale of the health disaster that threatens Food safety In the country, leaving a wide shock among the citizens of the extent of the laxity and the fragility of the control […]

  • Lebanese prisons are experiencing the crisis exponentially

    The title of prisons has long been associated with Lebanon With the concept of humiliation and torture, given the harsh conditions in which he lives prisoners Who do not have the minimum necessary to live. With the deterioration of the economic situation, the prisoners had to face all the crises faced by citizens outside the […]

  • “Med Bed” the miracle care with energy… Fact or illusion?

    In recent months, there has been a flurry of talk on social media and the internet about so-called miracle devices that can cure almost any disease you can think of using the power of mysterious bioenergy. A growing number of people believe that life energy therapy, or what are known in the United States as […]

  • Physical and mental health educators blame hormones for health problems

    Do you suffer from sleep disorders? Do you feel lazy, irritable or bloated? Have you recently gained weight or not feeling hungry when you wake up? According to a new wave of physical and mental health experts online, the answer is very simple: your hormones are out of whack. Even if you’re not an expert […]