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  • How to take care of hair after protein

    Tell me – Hair needs regular care and constant attention, to maintain its health and strength and to improve its shine and healthy look, as it is exposed to many factors that can negatively affect it, such as sunlight, pollution , the use of substandard cosmetics , and exposing the hair to high temperatures from […]

  • The health benefits of the night diet… the most important of which is warming up

    Tell me: Balila is a favorite drink in some countries, including Egypt. How about if this drink is included in the night diet as a food plan to lose weight! There are hundreds of thousands of unique drinks to try around the world, some of which are quite common. But there are other drinks that […]

  • Drink warm water on an empty stomach as it has many benefits

    Tell me – Water is the most important element in the composition of the human body, as it makes up a percentage of up to 60%, due to its great vital role in completing the vital processes in the body, which helps keep it alive, and it supports the organs to perform their functions properly, […]

  • Many benefits for pregnant women and the fetus when eating almonds

    Tell me – Almonds are one of the most popular types of nuts, which can taste sweet or bitter, and are a treasure for health, skin and hair, thanks to their high content of important nutrients such as antioxidants, vitamins and minerals such as vitamin B, vitamin E, calcium, magnesium and copper, and zinc, it […]

  • Amazing body health benefits when eating sesame oil

    Tell me – Sesame oil is one of the types of natural oils that have multiple and amazing benefits for health, skin and hair, as it is considered to be one of the oldest known vegetable oils in the world and is rich in many important nutrients and compounds chemicals such as vitamins such as […]

  • Incredible blends to soften coarse hair forever

    Tell me: many women are concerned with the health and beauty of their hair and with maintaining its appearance, since they are considered the crown of the head and the source of their adornment, but like the rest of the body they are exposed to many negatively influencing factors, such as hormonal disorders, infection with […]