Stephanie Sanzo, the fitness woman who is both beautiful and strong


Stephanie Sanzo, a famous woman in Australia, where she is considered a leader in personal care and exercise activities, has emerged on social networks for her gorgeous beauty and strength that she shows every day.

Through her Instagram account, the woman, born in 1987, recounted that in her childhood she was not particularly interested in physical exercise, but until she was nineteen years old, when she began to take care of her body.

Being pregnant twice was key for her to take her muscular development more seriously, completely change her diet, and start getting in and learning more about this way of life.

Stephanie started training with a pair of dumbbells at home so she could shed excess fat and took a personal trainer course with hopes of becoming an expert trainer.

Thus, the Australian decided, after changing her body, to participate in fitness competitions, as it was in 2012 when she began preparing for her first competition. I switched to an 80 percent clean diet and “hard” training. In 2013, she participated in the show and took second place.

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After leaving her competitive career behind, Stephanie decided to become a certified personal trainer and later began sharing some of her clients’ success stories, as well as her social media transformation that made her an influencer in her own country.

It should be noted that he posts on social networks daily pictures, inspirational quotes and videos of his daily training routine.



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