Status skin, minimalist make-up beauty routine

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After contouring and baking, make way for status skin, a natural and minimalist beauty routine for skin that is as beautiful as it is healthy.

A naturally radiant complexion with minimalist makeup

After the fashion of contouringconsisting in sculpting one’s face by playing with volumes, shadows and lights thanks to make-up, therefore baking with the application of a thick layer of translucent or colored powder, the trend is to animalism of the skinin other words a minimalist makeup.

The status skin is one of those minimalist and natural beauty routines that are all the rage on social media. It is based on a simple principle: let your skin breathe rather than hide pimples, dark circles, redness and other imperfections under a very covering foundation.

Halfway between skincare and make-upthe skin status quickly seduced the cosmetics sector, which took advantage of this trend to develop products such as serums or colored creams capable of unifying the complexion while hydrating it.

The state of the skin also gives pride of place to facial massages such as Kobido, a beauty ritual originating in Japan. This ancestral technique allows to stimulate both the surface and the depth of the tissues and muscles of the face, and would in particular have a lifting effect.

Some accessories like jade roller was also a great success: it would help fight the appearance of dark circles, wrinkles and imperfections, just like the facial cuppingthis method of skin care based on the use of suction cups.

@everydaybeautybyerin Save time, effort, AND $$ with this tip! Skin Condition: Minimize “blemishes” while letting your natural beauty shine through. 1- Firstly, you need to embrace skinimism, which simply means minimizing your beauty routine to ensure you are ONLY using products that actually improve your skin. A cleanser and moisturizer, suited to your specific skin type, a product with hyaluronic acid to get that deep glow and sun protection. My favorites are @senegence’s 3-in-1 cleanser and day moisturizer with sun protecting ingredients for my normal to oily skin and climate control, for that anti-aging glow. 2-now we can focus on our “status skin” aspect, which simply adds a little flare to what is already present in nature. “Status skin” starts with a “tint” of your skin, instead of a full foundation, as a base layer to make your face look more natural, a highlighter to brighten your skin, and natural tints on your cheeks and lips. I use @senegence Color Correcting Tinted Moisturizer for long lasting sheer coverage, blush to add color to cheeks, lids and lips, a just right concealer to naturally highlight and lip gloss to add hydration and shine. The advantage of this brand is that it contains ingredients to keep my skin hydrated and plump and protect it from the sun. Not only does this look allow your natural beauty to shine through, but it requires very little time, effort, and product, saving you tons of money in the long run! To buy my ‘status skin’ products, click the link in my bio and be sure to like and follow other simple beauty hacks! #skinminimalism#mombeauty#busyladybeauty#statusskin#beautyhacks#beautytips#naturalbeauty#beautyroutine#hyaluronicacid#glowingskin#antiagingskincare#skintint♬ original sound – Erin Gustafson

From skin condition to skinification

Another beauty trend of the moment: skinification, that is a change in the state of the skin to the hairespecially the scalp.

Until now focused on products like oils, masks, shampoos and conditioners, hair maintenance is now closer to a skincare routine. It’s not just about taking care of the lengths, but about treat and care for the scalp for naturally stronger, shinier and healthier hair.

Brands are innovating by offering exfoliating or detoxifying shampoos, exfoliating products, hair serums and protective conditioners. As with the status skin, it’s not a question of masking imperfections with chemical colors and other camouflage techniques, but of doing everything possible to let the scalp breathe despite daily aggressions such as pollution or the sun.

Support skinification enthusiasts benefits of scalp exfoliation, in the same way as those for removing make-up from the skin, which the status skin considers a treatment in its own right. Here too, massages are the order of the day for a healthy scalp, with specific brushes that promote blood circulation and help the products penetrate. Shampoos are applied by massaging the roots for a long time, and we dwell less on the lengths, which are hydrated with conditioners that respond to targeted needs.

Do less but better, heal rather than hide : these are the watchwords of these new beauty routines, both for the skin and for the hair.




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