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One of the most important topics that occupies our minds is the subject Weightloss Excess without taking it back, and we always look forward to a diet that includes all kinds of foods without deprivation.

A poor diet can lead to many health issues such as eating disorders and other health issues that are never underestimated, and in most cases following a severe diet that depends on deprivation, as soon as you quit this Diet You regain the lost weight, if not more!

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What does the word diet mean?

In addition, the word “diet” or “diet” for many people is associated with deprivation and consumption of a specific type of food, which is one of the main causes of eating disorders.

It is hard to believe that the weight loss process can take place without depriving certain types of food or restricting the type of food that can be eaten during the day, but with the progress and development of science, doctors and nutritionists discovered the “calorie diet”. ” which does not depend on a specific type of food. or deprived of another category.

In the “calorie diet”, there are no restrictions on the foods that can be eaten during the day, but rather everything is based on a very simple equation. If you want to lose weight, you only need to eat fewer calories per day than your body consumes calories.

The body consumes a certain number of calories during the day, and when it becomes deficient in calories, the body in this case resorts to decomposition Fats and burn them to use as an energy source.

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Calculate the number of calories

Suppose we have a body that needs 2000 calories a day, in this case it has three options:

First choice

During the day he eats more than 2000 calories, then all excess calories will be stored as body fat.

the second choice

In the day he eats exactly 2000 calories, then he will maintain his weight without gain or decrease, since all the calories consumed will be consumed as energy.

the third possibility

He eats less than 2000 calories during the day, then what we call a “calorie deficiency” will occur, and the body in this case resorts to the breakdown of fats to use them for energy, and here a loss of fat mass will occur, which means losing excess weight.

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Why do we care about calories?

The number of calories we need during the day to perform various bodily functions and activities varies from person to person and depends on several factors, which we briefly mention:

1- The number of calories the body needs to perform various physiological functions, such as digestion, the functioning of the heart, liver and the rest of the organs of the body, which is called the “basal metabolic rate”.

2- The activity of the individual during the day, such as sport or walking, and is linked to the lifestyle of the individual and the physical effort he exerts on a daily basis.

3- Age, weight, height and gender.

All are factors that cause the daily calories needed by the body to vary from person to person.

What steps should I follow in the calorie diet?

First: Calculate the calories your body needs during the day, and you can calculate them through several sites.

Second: subtract about 300-500 calories from the product you got earlier, and just make your body consume 300-500 calories a day from your excess fat, because the body will break it down and use it for energy.

Third: start counting the calories of the foods you eat daily and log them so you know how many calories you have consumed during your day.

Fourth: Monitor your weight weekly or monthly, and your measurements monthly.

We will now present a brief applied example of what we mentioned earlier.

A girl calculates the calories she needs daily and the result is 1800. She needs to subtract about 300 calories from this result and then she will have 1500 calories per day.

Now she can eat the food she wants during the day and at the time she wants, on one condition, that her food calories do not exceed 1,500 calories. After a while, she will notice a significant decrease in her weight, measurements, and body shape without regaining the lost weight. Because she got rid of it healthy without depriving it of any nutrients.

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