SOS damaged hair: our solutions to strengthen it from root to tip

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As soon as the hair shows signs of weakness, we quickly adopt the right reflexes. Follow the guide.

Is straightening your hair every day dangerous?

Better avoid overheating. We try to forget our hair straighteners and heating appliances for a while. If you can’t help brushing, pre-towel dry as much as possible, then spray on thermoprotective care which protects the fiber from heat, detangles and moisturizes. We use warm or cold air, in slow mode, directing the nozzle of the hair dryer (without gluing it) from the top of the head towards the tips to close the balance.

Can you avoid damaging your hair with coloring?

Let’s go easy on the color here. By nature, dyes have a more or less chemical action, modifying the natural color of the hair. On a tired hairit is recommended to switch to a coloring care without ammonia, less aggressive, to be done max once a month. Otherwise, you can choose a vegetable coloringwhich does not cover white hair but gives it a nice reflection.

Does the hairbrush damage the hair fiber?

Must pay attention to brushing. Let’s stop the crepe! Extra to create volume when the hair is flattened, this anti-scale styling becomes fatal when you have a fragile fiber. We also avoid everything wet hair brushing. Due to the water, the keratin flakes that protect them are lifted. As the brush passes, the porous hair and vulnerable will tend to break more easily. We fall back on a wide tooth combless aggressive.

How to take care of damaged hair?

We put on a muscle routine, with a shampoo and fortifying treatments rich in active ingredients that ensure a stronger bulb (vitamin B, keratin, arginine, antioxidants), stimulate the microcirculation to allow good nutrition of the hair from the root (caffeine, ginseng), and which moisturize and nourish (hyaluronic acid, oil rich in omega 3 and 6).

Damaged hair: should it be cut?

Yes, we cut regularly. “When your hair is out of breath, you don’t want to let it grow out and wait for there to be some too many forks, says Vincent Martin, co-founder of ANS Brasil. The parade: a clean cut every three months, which also prevents breakage from hair rubbing against clothing. » Desire for volume ? Ask your hairdresser for a layered cut that lightens the lengths without finishing the material. But it’s not about thinning it with a razor or a sculpting chisel, it really weakens the hair.

How to take care of very damaged hair?

We draw a care with every wash. The secret to having healthy, shiny and well hydrated hair is ALWAYS to follow the shampoo with a conditioner. At the very least, apply a balm (or conditioner), leave on for 2-3 minutes at facilitate untangling and avoid roughing your hair while brushing. And, once a week, we post a real repair masklaid for 5 to 30 minutes on its lengths. “The good newsunderlines Elisabeth Bouhadana, is that most of the new masks work almost instantly. So, there’s no need to deprive yourself of it on the pretext that you lack the time…”

What is the best water temperature to wash my hair?

Rinse with warm water. No more hot water, it dries and eliminates protective lipids. We prefer temperate water, even fresh, to which we add water from the last rinse a teaspoon of cider vinegar or 4 vinegar thieves (rich in medicinal plants), which neutralizes limescale and frizz and increases shine sealing the cuticles.

Massage the scalp to stimulate hair growth

Regular massage has been shown to activate regrowth. By massaging ourselves, we relax, we stimulate the microcirculation and promotes the transport of essential nutrients for the vitality of the hair hair follicle. A massage carried out with each shampoo also facilitates thesebum removal and residues. And, practiced when applying to hair loss serum, optimizes its effect. Tip: Massage with your fingertips in circular motions, head down or tilted, to increase blood flow.

What is deep hair care?

We go to the salon when the hair is really damaged, it’s a good idea to go to the hairdresser for a deep treatment – the result really makes a difference. We tested two protocols that are all the rage right now. The Renaissance Ritual of ANS Brasil. The idea: combine a cocktail of repairing active ingredients (keratin, amino acids, trace elements, etc.)glyoxylic acid, product with smoothing power, to facilitate its passage into the heart of the fiber. After a 25-minute exposure time, a rinse and a passage of plates to lock in the treatment and smooth the scales, the hair is transformed! Shinier, smoother and easier to style for up to three months. From €140, Lucie Saint-Clair hair reconstructor. Here, same technique, but with a treatment rich in keratin, argan oil and fruit acids, applied with a brush before applying the plates to help penetrate better. Guaranteed shiny hair. From €70,

What foods to eat to strengthen hair?

Let’s look at our dish to take care of the hair fiber. Hair loves B vitaminswho fight against hair ageing and promote growth (broccoli, lettuce, mushrooms, spinach, bananas, etc.), zinc (dark chocolate, sesame, meat, etc.), animal or vegetable proteins (meat, fish, lentils, etc.), amino acids sulphurated (yellow eggs, seafood, meat…). In case of severe fatigue and falls, you can invest in a three-month cure food supplements containing B vitamins, biotin, zinc, keratin (constituent of hair) and antioxidants.

The recipe for a miracle mask for damaged hair

The sandwich treatment to obtain softness and shine. Lucie, Matrix expert, recommends this weekend ritual: after applying the mask (30 minutes on pre-squeezed lengths with a towel), follow it up with the application of… conditioner. A handful of minutes is enough: its more acidic pH will seal the active ingredients of the mask and close the scales.








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