Sirha is open today until January 23rd in Lyon. Meet the France Snacking team


For the 21st edition, but also to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the food service Mondial du, de l’hôtel et de l’alimentation which will take place from January 19 to 23, 2023, in Eurexpo-Lyon, the organizers have positioned the event under the motto of innovation, of course, friendliness And, of course, commitment. This year on the programme, again and again, is an anthology of competitions, conferences and demonstrations that remain the lively and very special spirit of Sirha Lyon, including the famous Bocuse d’Or and the World Pastry Cup but also many new features including a 200-high-profile forum and conference The level that permeates this unique high block.

The big day has arrived and Sirha finally opens its doors this Thursday, January 19th, through January 23rd, at the Eurexpo Park in Lyon. For the world’s largest gathering of the foodservice ecosystem, all planets are aligned to celebrate, as they should, this 40th anniversary and to announce a very impressive release, after a year of strong recovery in the food, hospitality and food industry. A rendez-vous who reunited pres- 51% of restaurateurs and acteurs of métiers de bouche and who sera to the hauteur d’un secteur of food service en recherche de solutions face aux nombreux defis à relever, which more is in the context that l ‘We know.’ ” And for this, in its secret, they will be able to find an exceptional experience in approximately 140,000 square meters of exhibition space, 7 halls and 66,000 square meters of booths. Necessarily bringing together French and international innovations with 13,989 square meters of international exhibitors Mentions Luc Dubanchet, General Manager of Sirha, who insisted on the global catalyst role played by the fair, which brings together the world’s largest food service offering in terms of products, equipment and services for all restaurants. Olivier Genon, President of GL Events Group, recalled how “ Sirha is clearly the standard bearer for the entire food service industry. The keys to its success lie in the fact that it is a show that truly embodies all players in the restaurant industry, chefs, manufacturers and distribution. It is a manifestation of distinction and new trends. It is not only elite but restored in all its states Among the biases clearly stated by GL Events is the desire to make the event more responsible towards the environment (see p. 78). A commitment readable not only in a program that clearly announces color in the image of the 2023 theme for the Dessert World Cup, “Climate Change” but also In the practices of the organizers themselves through concrete actions (carpet reduction, LED lighting, product recalls by food banks, recycled wood, etc.).


Meet the entire France Snacking team at stand LUM56, just below the Dome

Innovation, business engine

The unique platform for innovation, which was called in 1983, “Food Trade Fair”, always cultivates inspiration, toolbox side, and places itself at the heart of trends, inspiration and innovation in all its forms! For new products, equipment and technologies, in addition to this profile presenting a sample of supplier dynamism, the Sirha Food Forum will allow you to discover nearly 250 innovations submitted, including 12 Sirha Innovation Awards (SIA) that will have been selected by a jury of experts and journalists. The official award ceremony will take place on January 19, 2023. “Exhibitors continue to register their new products and innovations so that they can be promoted, especially through digital tools such as the Sirha Food app or prizes such as the Sirha Innovations Awards.” , refers to Luc Dubanchet who has a taste for this period. “Companies have booked their R&D ads for Sirha Lyon. So we expect a lot from them, especially since R&D has been partially suspended during Covid. The 2023 edition of Sirha Lyon will therefore carry all the post-pandemic momentum and all the creativity that our exhibitors know how to show, whether in products, services, equipment or technologies.”

In this central space in the heart of the Entrance Dome, Place des Lumières, you will also find the winners of 19 Pépites de la Boulangerie by Honoré le Mag who will also be exhibited alongside SIA, not far from France Snacking / Honoré Le Mag Lum 56 stand. Luc Dubanchet emphasizes the ever-growing presence of the sector with nearly 14,000 square meters dedicated to Hall 4.


Competitions again and again

If Sirha represents a unique commercial crossroads, it is also and above all a platform for exchanges and events. With over fifteen competitions (see p68), 56 countries represented in the finals and no fewer than 108 finalists, it is clear that things are going to move and stir. The organizers remember all the dynamism and team spirit that drives these competitions with new countries represented showing exceptional talents such as Mauritius winning their place in Bocuse. There will be 24 of them competing in the world’s leading gastronomy challenge, Bocuse d’Or, for 5.5 hours of two events: the dish and the dish with monkfish with scallops, for the first time. For the second, the event will be private and will take the form of a full menu articulated entirely about squash, for the second event called “Feed the Kids” about squash. Candidates will have to develop a 100% vegan cold appetizer, a hot dish that includes an egg and a dessert in the spirit of those served in the restaurant. This is to educate children about good eating. “The DNA of Bocuse d’Or remains the same, as my father imagined it to be: bringing all the countries of the world together around a common event and promoting their chefs as well as their gastronomy,” explained Jerome Bocuse, President of Bocuse. golden.

5 Sirha Dynamics to show trends

To get to know and better understand the changes in the sector, Frédéric Loeb, founder of Loeb Innovation, detailed the Sirha 5 trends (see page 78), inspiring trends that also acted as a common thread in the creation of the space. Sirha food forum that will move the center of the dome. The real central lung of Sirha, it will present exhibitions but also a very wide program of conferences that will follow each other throughout the five days of the show in the Agora.

Now note in your diary:

Distinctive baked nuggets. Jan. 20, 11:30 a.m

19 products, equipment, packaging and services, winners of the 2022 edition of Pépites, along with the Sirha Awards, will be on display in the exhibition’s innovations area, Place des Lumières, during the 5 Days of Sirha. Winners in 17 categories, including 4 Special Jury Awards and Editorial Awards, will receive their awards after Luc Dubanchet, Sirha/Lyon Program Director speaks.

Lots of competitions, ask about the program

Bocuse d’Or // from 22 to 23/01

The culmination of a cycle of 70 national selections and 4 continental selections spanning almost two years. 24 candidates for 5 and a half hours of tests to achieve the two themes: apply and apply. France will be represented this year by Nice Perrolet.

World Pastry Cup // from 20 to 21/01

20 teams of 3 candidates for 4 quizzes on the topic “Climate Change”. 10 hours of attempts to make 42 candy and 3 art pieces.

French Bakery Cup // 19-21/1

12 teams of 3 bakers for 4 events. Subject: Space invasion.

European Technical Sugar Championship // from 22 to 23/1. 8 candidates. Salvador Dali theme. Artwork made of sugar.

but also :

National Competitions, French Coffee Championship in the Spirit of Delicacy, French Chef / Ebreque Championship (first time in France), French Barista Championship, Cheese and Chef, French Bakery Cup, French Cheese Cup, Ecailler d’ Gold, Golden Fish, The Gargantua, Butler’s Cup .

Bocuse d’Or International Competitions, European Sugar Technical Championship, World Pastry Cup, European Butcher Competition, International Food Cup, World Burger Competition.

You can also catch the latest releases dedicated to the event through Sirha’s own files.

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