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There is no doubt that maintaining health and eating a balanced diet are top priorities for many people, especially with the widespread spread of unhealthy foods and their dire consequences for human health in various parts of the world.

Some foods are able to protect the human body well and provide it with what it needs. Pumpkin is one of those foods. Nutritionist Julia Zumpano says eating pumpkin has incredible benefits for human health, adding that pumpkin should be present in the daily diet, according to the “health.clevelandclinic” website.

Eye and heart health

And about some of the benefits of pumpkin, nutritionist Julia Zumpano said, “Pumpkin is rich in vitamin A, which is great for vision and boosts your immune system,” and added that “eating a small amount pumpkin is able to supply the body with what it needs daily in vitamin A.”

The German medical news site, “Heal Praxis”, indicates that pumpkin contains lutein and zearanthin, two nutrients that help protect the eye from macular degeneration in the elderly.

Additionally, pumpkin benefits include the heart, as American nutritionist Julia Zumpano reports that pumpkin is rich in potassium, which is essential for heart health. And she added that pumpkin also contains vitamin C, which is important for the heart, and fiber, and the antioxidants it contains may help prevent heart disease.

Boost immunity and prevent cancer

And let’s eat pumpkin It has great benefits for boosting the immunity of the human body, as it is a source of a group of immune-boosting antioxidants including vitamin C, vitamin A, and iron. Additionally, pumpkin contains cancer-fighting carotenoids.

“Carotenoids are plant pigments produced by yellow, orange and red plants such as pumpkin, carrots, squash and tomatoes,” says nutritionist Julia Zumpano, adding that carotenoids fight the effects of free radicals in the body. , which may help protect against certain types of cancer.

Special Features

And a previous study concluded that pumpkin does not lose the vitamins it contains when cooked. It was found that beta-carotene, which is converted inside the human body into vitamin A, greatly benefits from heating pumpkin, which facilitates its digestion, according to what was reported by the site “Die Welt”.

Pumpkin is also a food that does not contain large calories (26 calories per 100 grams). Pumpkin provides the human body with dietary fiber that makes it feel fuller and thus aids in the weight loss process, according to the “Zentrum der Gizundheit” website.



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