Ozzy Osbourne cancels his latest concert tour due to health issues: what does the leader of Black Sabbath have?


The legendary musician is going through a moment of poor health. His spinal lesions do not improve and his prognosis for Parkinson’s disease exacerbates the prognosis.

Ozzy Osbourne cancels his latest concert tour due to health issues: what does the leader of Black Sabbath have?

Last updated: 01 February 2023

Ozzy Osbourne’s health problems They will not allow him to complete the tour he has planned for this year. Regrettably, the legendary musician communicated through his social networks that he had to put his presentations on hold because he was physically unable to cope with them.

The pain and injuries to his spine reduced his quality of life And her strength to face parties. In addition, he has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease since 2019.

The combination of factors seems to give him no respite. These Ozzy Osbourne health problems are not minor. He himself commented on the various treatments he tried to improve her back, without getting the expected results.

What treatments has Ozzy Osbourne tried for spinal problems?

A car accident more than ten years ago and a domestic accident three years ago were directly responsible for the condition of his back and neck. The pains in both regions were increasing Osborne does not find enough strength to maintain daily activities; Much less for concerts.

My singing voice is good. However, after three operations, stem cell treatments, endless physiotherapy sessions, and most recently the innovative Electron Therapy (HAL), my body is still physically weak.

~ Official statement from the musician on Instagram ~

In addition to surgeries, the famous singer mentions the stem cell approach and mentions HAL. Let’s see what these procedures are.

Stem cell therapies for bone regeneration have been investigated frequently in recent times.

Stem cell therapy for spinal cord injuries

Sometimes it seems that treating various conditions with stem cells is the future of medicine. however, The conditions are not yet ideal for success.

Specifically, there are attempts to repair spinal injuries in this way. Although scientific studies show that we are far from what we would like. How to make these cells survive in the environment of the vertebral bones and intervertebral discs has not been discovered.

Hope in the regenerative capacity of stem cells. In theory, they would have the ability to repair damaged bone and cartilage. Despite the distance from the ideal approach case, some trials have reported improvements in pain in patients who have had these cell transplants because of their back problems.

Ozzy Osbourne’s status may have been predictable. You may have an improvement at first, but then the effect wears off in the medium term. Which prompted the star to try different alternatives.

What is this Internet science (hall)?

In simple terms, when we refer to HAL, We are talking about an electronic device that connect robotic parts to humans. Although it looks like science fiction, it’s actually a cyborg. The union between the biological and the electronic.

HAL stands for Hybrid Auxiliary. In Spanish, it would be translatable as “auxiliary mixed member”.

For spinal cord injuries or chronic spinal cord injuries, rehabilitation really benefits from this system. Trials with critically ill patients have shown improvements of up to 50% in patient outcomes. It has even been possible to restore mobility to people with severe spinal injuries through HAL.

term Internet scienceFor its part, it comes to designate a new field of study and application. Its purpose is to improve the quality of life, slow down aging and Treating diseases by integrating electronic devices into human biology. There are companies that are entirely dedicated to the research and development of devices in this regard.

Unfortunately, Ozzy Osbourne’s health problems cannot yet be resolved with HAL. We do not know what methodology he resorted to, but the suspension of the tour shows a temporary failure on the way to recovery.

How much does Parkinson’s disease affect Ozzy Osbourne’s health problems?

To the musician’s spine and spine injuries, we must add the role of Parkinson’s disease in the deterioration of his condition. fact, His domestic accident in 2019 was linked to his subsequent diagnosis of neurodegenerative disease.

By analyzing the case, the doctors suspected that he might have fallen in the bathroom of his home due to a nervous disorder. Later, they confirmed Parkinson’s disease and started specific treatment for it.

According to statistics, about 60% of elderly people with cognitive impairment fall once a year. This represents an urgent public health condition. These falls lead to trauma involving sensitive areas of the body, such as the neck and skull..

Hip fractures from a fall should not be ruled out. Patients with Parkinson’s disease fall more often and tend to have more prevalent osteoporosis. This latter condition determines that post-traumatic recovery is slow and can become tedious as bone tissue healing is poor.

Ozzy Osbourne’s health problems, exacerbated by their diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease. The confluence of these factors reduces life expectancy and provides for a greater possibility of spending the last years in prostration.

The movement disorders of Parkinson’s disease favor falls in patients.

What awaits Osborne?

Ozzy is 74 years old. His career and influence on music cannot be denied.

Now, his deteriorating physical abilities shocked fans of the musician. He also seems hopeless because he had to get off the stage, possibly never to come back.

I never imagined my touring days would end like this. My team is currently looking for ideas to see if I can perform without having to travel from one city to another.

~ Official statement on Instagram ~

It cannot be said that he did not try new treatments to find alternatives for improvement. Nothing seems to be working. But it is clear that he will keep trying.

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