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Ulysses Jr. was a fan of physical exercise from an early age, during his high school he started competing on the soccer and track teams. He found it difficult to stand out as one of the youngest in the age group.

Ulisses Jr. He refused to give up.

She knew she never had to stop getting better and found the answer in nutrition and supplementation. From that moment on, Ulysses firmly believed that “nature is nourishment.”

What are Ulysses’ global achievements?

After the first few years of training, Ulisses developed his signature 8-pack ab. His friends were so impressed with his development that they chose to enter him in a bodybuilding contest.

Although he did not win, Ulysses reawakened his competitive spirit and yearning for success. At this point more than ever, he was determined to become the best.

With only 5 years of training. His determination and discipline led him to win the rookie middleweight division at the Platinum Classic New York 2000. By the age of 24, he had added his first trophy to his collection.

But it was just the beginning:

  • New York Classic 2000 Platinum Rookie (1st place, middleweight and overall winner).
  • 2001 New York MET Junior Championships (1st place, open middleweight and middleweight).
  • 2002 Musclemania Connecticut Atlantic Fitness Championship (1st place, Welterweight).
  • 2003 Musclemania Connecticut Atlantic Fitness Championship (1st, Middleweight).
  • 2003 Musclemania Superbody Championship Miami (1st, Middleweight and Overall Winner – Pro Card).
  • 2004 Musclemania Superbody Championship Miami Pro (First Class)
  • Musclemania 2005 Las Vegas World Professional Championship (Division III).
  • Musclemania 2010 Las Vegas Pro World Championship (1st, Pro Division).
  • 2011 Musclemania Las Vegas Pro World Championship (2 st, Pro Division).
  • 2013 Musclemania World Championships Las Vegas Pro (1st, Pro Division)

By 2013, Ulisses JR achieved one of the best body and became an icon in the fitness industry.

Is it really a normal structure?

During his career, Ulysses Jr. has naturally sculpted his body with impressively low body fat. This is something that no natural bodybuilder has ever seen before, with an impressive feat of better stats than the great Serge Nebret. Although it gained a lot of recognition, there were many skeptics.

However, Ulysses Jr. was not found guilty and did not let these accusations affect him.

How is Ulysses’ training day?

Ulisses plans to train in compound movements with high repetitions, 12 to 15 per set, that way his body doesn’t get used to it and responds better to his training, he likes to perform super sets and without rest to increase and maintain his heart rate. Constantly improving.His resistance.

Ulisses makes sure to work one muscle group at a time, so other muscles can recover with rest.

He always ends his moves by failing to exhaust the muscle group he’s training. This helps him give at 110%, revealed as Ulysses’ secret to achieving the perfect physique.

A week of Ulisses looks like this:

  • Monday: legs
  • Tuesday: behind
  • Wednesday: released
  • Thursday: shoulders
  • Friday: arms
  • Saturday: Joker day
  • Sunday: holiday

What is Ulisses Jr’s eating plan to maintain that size?

Ulysses believes that “nature is nourishment” and his diet consists of organic food divided into 8 servings per day, and he avoids processed and fried foods.

A typical eating day would look similar to the following:

  • First meal: 40 grams of whey protein isolate and a cup of green tea
  • Second meal: 6 hard-boiled egg whites, 1/2 cup oatmeal, 1/2 grapefruit, and 1 serving of BCAAs
  • Third meal: 40g of whey protein isolate
  • Fourth meal: 6 oz. Chicken breast and half a cup of brown rice
  • Fifth meal: 6 oz. Tuna, 2 cups of spinach, a small banana and flaxseed oil
  • Sixth meal: Post-Workout Shake: 50 g Whey Protein Isolate, 1 Serving Vitargo, 1 Serving L-Glutamine, BCAAs, Multivitamins & Vitamin C
  • The seventh meal: 6 oz. Tilapia, 2 sweet potatoes and a cup of spinach
  • Eighth meal: Two scoops of casein protein, one serving of fish oil and one serving of glutamine

In terms of nutritional supplements, Ulisses Jr uses the following:

  • Whey and casein protein isolates
  • creatine
  • training before
  • Antioxidants
  • AAG-Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate
  • Vitargo
  • L-glutamine
  • Branched-chain amino acids
  • Multivitamins and Vitamin C
  • Fish oil
  • Linseed oil

Who inspired Ulysses Jr.?

Ulis admired Arnold Schwarzenegger and the late Serge Nebret as two of his major influences.

The people most present in his thanks are his family and friends who have always supported him, among them the fitness athlete Simeon Panda.

What we can learn from Ulysses is his unstoppable mentality, giving it all in training and never giving up is the key to making your dreams come true.

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