“Med Bed” the miracle care with energy… Fact or illusion?

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In recent months, there has been a flurry of talk on social media and the internet about so-called miracle devices that can cure almost any disease you can think of using the power of mysterious bioenergy. A growing number of people believe that life energy therapy, or what are known in the United States as “medical beds” or “medical beds”, cures people with diabetes.cancer In advanced stages and that this technology has made President John F. Kennedy, who was killed in 1963, alive and young until now. What is the nature of this treatment? And has he really succeeded in curing unsolvable cases, or is it just an illusion that the desperate resort to?

What is a “medical bed”?

The term “medical bed” is an abbreviation of the word “medical bed” or “meditation bed”, which is a type of bed medical treatment which includes a bed imbued with healing energy believed to provide patients with “life energy”. The devices of these “medical beds” are now on sale on the Internet, and their news has recently spread on the sites of “Social Media” and even certain media, which has prompted a number of interested and investigative journalists to trace the journey of these treatments to discover their truth and the effectiveness of the treatments they provide.

For example, the “Fox Five” site published a promotional report a few weeks ago in which it described this technology, described as belonging to the space age, where a person lies down and is treated for any type of disease, as being out of reach, but the site considered at the same time that a number of scientists andtechnology companies They manufacture products that use quantum (quantum) energy, infrared light and also “plasma” based systems to improve the actual health of patients.

The site goes further by explaining plasma technology as a model of these new technologies as a gas that is targeted with enough energy to disrupt the spin of electrons around the atom, thus atoms and electrons become a mixture of materials, and when the gas reaches this stage it becomes plasma, and scientists have successfully created products based on plasma energy fields to help address public health issues, including targeting Parkinson’s cells and Alzheimer’s, and transforming them by providing this technology for homes andHealth clinics All over the United States and around the world.

According to Sean Callahan, president of MedBed USA, products such as plasma energy field generators are used to help all parts of the body including the heart, lungs, brain, knees, etc. One of the cheapest plasma technology products. on the market.

mystery and secrets

But in reality, people have many very different ideas of what Med Bed really is. According to the “Daily Beast” website, groups that believe in the power of alternative medicine and American alt-right conspiracy theory, such as the 36,000-member “QAnon” group on the “Telegram” chat platform “, see that MedBed Technology is a secret hidden by billionaires and what they call “the state”. It’s technology brought in by aliens as a legendary medical device that does everything from reversing aging to regrowing lost limbs.

On the contrary, some members of the group have come to believe that former US President John F. Kennedy, who was shot and killed in 1963, is still alive and enjoying his youth, and they attribute his longevity to the abilities medical therapies. family (Med Bed). Some conspiracy theorists also believe that former US President Donald Trump is aware of “Med Bed” technology and that he keeps a number of these devices and may make them public, but he prefers them to be for the most serious cases and to the military. .

MedBed’s popularity has also spread outside of the United States. Romana Didulo, who claims to be Canada’s rightful ‘queen’, has pledged to provide MedBed devices free of charge to all Canadians once her uprising is successful. In Japan, followers of the Yamato movement, the branch of the Kyo Anon movement in Japan, clung to the theories of Med-Bed treatments, even making their own version of the device out of copper wires.

Medical bed promotion

Amid this populist atmosphere, companies that produce Med-Bed devices have largely benefited. A woman named “Julie” claimed that her husband used two Med-Bed generators and that this technology, which cost him $22,000, helped her treat a very serious illness. cancerous tumor activated the parotid gland in her brain before it became clear that Jolie was marketing for Tesla Bio-Healing, one of several companies selling MedBeds for up to $20,000 and unrelated to her company Tesla Motors .Billionaire Elon Musk.

The company recommends its products for a range of conditions, from mild cases such as asthma and autism to severe cases including terminal cancers, as the company’s CEO, James Liu, told the ” Daily Beast” that the devices provide vital energy to patients because when no one is treated If he suffers from serious illnesses such as cancer and paralysis from a stroke for six months, he will have no not much vital energy and it will be difficult for him to improve, and he cited studies which Tesla Bio Healing has not yet published indicating the benefits of using his products.

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Other medbed companies, however, claim more of their technology. A Swiss company called 90.10, registered under an online address medbed.com, claims that it allows users to access unlimited energy and reprogram their DNA without side effects. ordinary family of users in a legendary medical family with speed beyond light in order to teleport and send quantum energy and frequencies into the human body without delay.

Along with these claims, which appear to violate conventionally accepted rules of physics, the company promotes testimonials from customers who claim that sleeping in their beds has realigned the spine, cleared the sinuses, healed joint pain and helped reveal the purpose of sleep. a person in life. , he says, reports the Daily Beast.

Evacuation responsibility

But even though Tesla Bio-Healing and 90.10 point to positive testimonials from thousands of customers and the health benefits are invaluable, and despite the prominent claim on the 90.10 website that it offers quantum frequency medicine with scientific evidence, CEO Oliver Schalke made it clear to The Daily Beast that their product is not a medical product and was never intended to be.

Disinformation analyst at the Anti-Defamation League’s Center for Countering Extremism, Sarah Anyano, says there’s a good reason for these companies’ attempt to evade accountability, namely that it’s hard to prove something that doesn’t exist. intended to treat or diagnose disease, a legal disclaimer that almost every company offering a Med-Bed-related product declares that their products are not intended to replace treatment by a qualified physician.

Tesla Bio Healing is no exception in this regard, as the top of the company’s website clearly states that the company does not claim that Tesla Bio Healing products or services are diagnostic of the presence or absence of any condition. medical, and there is no No claims that its products are a cure for any medical condition or disease.

And while neither the doctor nor anyone else at Tesla Bio Healing will answer questions about the contents of the medical canisters used in the bioremediation process, some enterprising customers have taken it upon themselves to try to find out, as one video shows. video posted on TikTok. an angry gamer who opens a tin can only to find a substance that looks like concrete, raising the question of how Med Bed companies are allowed to offer their products and hinting at miraculous effects, but s get away with any regulatory oversight?

responsibility of the authorities

Stephen Barrett, a retired psychiatrist who has been investigating questionable claims for decades, says the US healthcare regulator, the Food and Drug Administration (FDE), is partly to blame, as he points out that the registration with the United States Food and Drug Administration It is required by any manufacturer who wants to market medical or health products, but it only means notifying the Food and Drug Administration that such a manufacturer exists.

While the “90.10” company’s headquarters are not in the United States and its products have not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration, Tesla Bio Healing advertises its family as medical devices registered with the Food and Drug Administration, however, the registration takes place without It makes no sense because the FDA records say nothing about whether or not the device is useful, and when it comes to make vague public health claims or unprovable statements about an energy boost, the authorities “do nothing”. says Dr. Barrett.

What raises doubts about the performance of these companies and their compliance with applicable medical standards and rules is that the Delaware-based company Tesla Bio-Healing, for example, attributes its technology to a doctor who was accused he years ago by the Federal Trade Commission. false advertising for the treatment of asthma. And the company’s previous board issued a decision accusing him of sabotage and forgery and sending the company’s money to a friend of his via the internet, which takes away a lot of confidence in the company’s products.


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