La Mala Rodríguez trained to show off her physique in her performances


The singer known as “La Mala” Rodriguez is one of the most successful singers and songwriters in Spain, but the young woman has managed to become known all over the world thanks to her compositions such as “Ustide”, “33”, “In the Night”, among others.

Bad Rodriguez She is very active on her social networks, always sharing pictures and videos from her daily life on Instagram, behind the scenes of her concerts and recording sessions, and some looks she loves to model.

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Even the “I Have a Deal” interpreter is always sharing videos of her training routines. The video can be viewed at Bad Rodriguez She does some exercises with weights, but the singer also shows off her talent for stretching. In the video, the singer wears fuchsia leggings and a black with apple green T-shirt with skinny straps.

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Bad Rodriguez He accompanied his training video with the song “Need Me x Streets”, a remix by DJ Fronteo. Even the singer wrote under the video: “When you look at me you see little hearts,” a message that was accompanied by some emojis of pink hearts and stars.

When will Mala Rodriguez be presented in our country?

Bad Rodriguez Confirmed that it will be presented in our country in Mexico City, Monterrey and Tijuana.

In Mexico City, it will take place on February 17 at BB Auditorium, in Monterrey the presentation will be on February 18 at Rio 70 Hall, and in Tijuana it will take place on February 19 at Black Box TJ.

Photo: La Mala Rodriguez Dates. Source: Instagram @thenovamanagement

Later Bad Rodriguez He will visit other Latin American countries, but has yet to reveal more details or confirmed dates. His fans have even asked him to perform in Argentina, Santiago de Chile, Brazil, Italy and other countries around the world.


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