Keys to maintaining a fitness routine during the winter


Keys to maintaining a fitness routine during the winter – CMD Sport



Keys to maintaining your fitness routine during the winter

You may feel less like exercising during the winter, this is normal. For this reason, to continue training and not notice the cold outside so much, going to the gym is still a good alternative in winter.

(27-1-2023). Basic-Fit gym professionals give us the keys to not losing healthy habits and fitness training during the cold winter months.

The beginning of the year is full of good intentions and figure usually takes a prominent place among them. Maintaining a fitness routine during the colder months can become a challenge, but cooler temperatures, rain or shorter days are no excuse for not wearing activewear.

To continue working on good fitness habits during these dates and take care of your fitness, Basic-Fit, Europe’s largest fitness chain with more than 1,200 clubs in six countries, offers you the following tips with which you can progress towards your health goals.

6 recommendations

These are the six tips Basic-Fit gives us:

  • Practice indoors so the cold won’t stop you. Low temperatures should not be an excuse for not training. Running, cycling, hiking … You may feel less craving for these sports during the winter season, this is normal, but do not forget the large number of physical and psychological benefits that they bring you. That is why, in order to continue training and not feel too cold outside, going to the gym is still a good alternative in winter. Además, en the Basic-Fit caso, desde su propia app, puedes seguir rutinas de ciclismo indoor o disponer de entrenamientos de audio para la cinta de correr, la elíptica o la máquina de escaleras, para seguir entrenando hasta cuando retomes tus actividades al The open air.
  • Take time to exercise and engage your people. Always, no matter how tight your schedule is, whether business meetings or social gatherings, find that space you need to exercise. The most important thing to maintain a habit is regularity. You can involve your family and friends to train with you. You will see how together you will overcome any challenge in a short time and in the most fun way. You can do a squat challenge or push-up, for example; Or you can see who can keep ironing the longest … Technology can also be very useful. The Basic-Fit app itself contains many more exercises to do at home.
  • Introduce short, effective HIIT routines into your training that are available for different parts of the body. Choose short, effective workouts. For example, with HIIT training (High Intensity Interval Training), which means “high-intensity interval training”. They are known for their fast results and the intensity with which they run. It consists of performing repeated intervals of high-intensity exercise developed with maximum speed or strength interspersed Periods of low-intensity exercise or complete rest, thus alternating effort and recovery.This high level causes your heart rate to skyrocket and thus increases energy and calorie expenditure.Plus, it usually lasts no more than half an hour, so you can easily fit it in between each what you want to do.
  • Keep moving, even if you’re not exercising. Do not stop. If the actual workout doesn’t fit into your schedule, make sure you keep moving. If you can, go outside by bike or walk. Keep moving around the house, too. Take advantage of any situation: If you need to grab something from under the cupboard, squat down to reach for it; Try to consciously activate your muscles when you are busy; If you have to wait for your food in the oven, do a set of burpees or push-ups in the meantime. These procedures may not give you great physical results, but they will help you maintain your muscle tone and stay in shape. Plus, you’ll feel great and it’ll be easier for you to get back to training after the holidays.
  • Wrap up with appropriate clothing and warm up well. If you go for a quick bike ride or run, don’t forget to equip yourself with appropriate clothing. Although you naturally warm up by exercising, if it’s cold outside and you start to sweat, it’s easy to catch a cold without even realizing it. So choose long sleeves and long pants to keep your muscles warm and layered. You can always grab one for later if you’re really hot. Thermal T-shirts, which help regulate body temperature, and technical socks, which prevent moisture retention, will be your best allies along with windbreaker jackets, waterproof shoes, hats, and gloves. Also, make sure you do a good warm-up before you head out so your muscles are already warm. In winter it is important to warm up the muscles and tendons as much as possible to avoid injury. When the cold is stressful, not only must we conscientiously warm up, but it is also important to stretch all the joints, especially those that will interfere when carrying out the corresponding routine for that day.
  • Take the opportunity to dance. Any time can be a good time to bring out your more dance-oriented side. Put the playlist you love so much at home and dance giving it your all while you’re doing whatever work or getting ready to go. Remember that even if this is not the case, you will also be training this way without even realizing it.

César Simon, Product Manager, Basic-Fit SpainAnd He emphasizes that “also in winter we can find a way to continue training and not lose the acquired habit, making the most of indoor training or going out well equipped. Making the most of every little moment that we can do with short but intense exercises that will help us achieve our goals to stay in shape Good. So no more excuses for not getting in shape.”


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