Jason Momoa exercises for stronger legs


For Jason Momoa, it’s very important to set aside a few hours a week to train your lower body.

by then Jason Momoa He rose to fame thanks to his role as Khal Drogo, he had approximately 193 cm of pure muscle. His arms looked as strong as they are today. But although it seems that all his training depends on enlarging and strengthening his arms, he not only trains this part of his body, but also takes care of it. lower body.

In an article on gq.com.mx it was commented that in order to convert a file lower bodyAnd Jason Momoa He performs 3 exercises that are among his favourites. The first of these is Bulgarian squat It is an excellent lower body exercise. to do the training, Jason Momoa Place one leg back on the bench and go up and down, always keeping your core tight and letting all effort fall on the front leg.

The second Jason Momoa’s Strong Lower Body Workout It’s rock climbing. What the main character likes most Aquaman Is that this type of routine is perfect for the whole body, especially if you want to strengthen your core and tone your legs.

the last Fitness exercise yoga actor. Yes to Jason Momoa He loves this physical discipline, as it helps him improve his posture and get better flexibility. In addition, it is an exercise that allows you to gain greater mobility and strength throughout your body.

Without a doubt, three exercises help Jason Momoa You look impressively handsome all over which explains why the actor has that Strong physique Which fascinates us every time we see it in a movie.

Jason Momoa practices mixed martial arts. Photo: Nick Agro/AFP


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