J Balvin How did you achieve this physical change?


Before reaching stardom, the singer weighed 125 kilograms, which he trimmed down by almost half with diet and exercise.

According to a statement made by his mother to El Diario, he made the decision to change his life 6 years ago and the results were evident thanks to his effort and discipline.

He decided to exercise a lot, I remember he drank a lot of water and had a different menu every week. His diet consisted of not eating anything fatty, much less sweet, and his secret was always that he took everything very responsibly.

The portal says that his diet consists of eating fruits, vegetables, nuts, lean meat, fish and chicken.

I came to weigh 125 kilos and have been overweight for some time and that is why I understand the situations Yuliana has been through and although you see artists as very confident, many of us also have insecurities. Achievement is the social influence that all people who are dissatisfied with themselves have, saying, “If she could, then so can I,” the Colombian told Informador.

Vaya Vaya Tv YouTube channel posted some before and after photos, explaining the weight loss process.

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