Ivanka Trump worries her followers about losing weight after the death of mother Ivana Trump: ‘I lost a lot of weight’


Ivanka Trump, 41, got her Instagram followers talking for other reasons this week, noting that she’s lost *a lot* of weight since the death of her mother, Ivana Trump, in July 2022. Although there might be something subtle. Changes to her appearance towards the end of last year The difference was most noticeable in a set of photos the former first daughter posted to the catwalk on January 29, with the caption “Feeling the New York winter vibe,” followed by a snowflake emoji, leaving her Fans are very concerned!

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Fans say they are ‘very concerned’ about Ivanka Trump’s weight loss on Instagram

“I love you but you need to eat. Doesn’t look good at all,” one fan commented, to which another fan replied, “OK” with an emoji 100%. Another fan noted in the comments section: “You’ve lost a lot of weight since your mom passed.” They added “Don’t get me wrong, it’s not body shaming, I’m just concerned. You are always beautiful and I’m sure you will be the first woman president of the United States, please take care of yourself.” He said, “Don’t look like yourself lately,” and another said, “So worried about you!”

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Another fan responded, “It must have been hard losing her mother.” “That was my first thought. She looks so skinny!” another exclaimed, while another explained that she wasn’t “body shaming,” but was simply “worried because she didn’t look healthy. It was probably so hard to lose her mother.” They added, “I hope you get better soon.” Another added, “She looks so young from the weight loss. I hope she’s doing well, too.”

Ivanka Trump at Tiffany Trump's wedding, November 2022


Fans point out Ivanka’s frame shrunk at her sister’s wedding

Fans also pointed out how poorly she looked at her younger sister Tiffany Trump’s wedding in November last year. One fan noted, “I was shocked when I saw her at her sister’s wedding and in the last pictures she had lost even more weight.” “I agree that she’s starting to look so skinny,” said one fan, adding, “I’m going to be damned now for saying that! I’m not body-shamed at all, it’s just a very disturbing kind of skinny. Looks like she’s lost more weight since her sister’s wedding photos,” followed by a crying face emoji.

Other fans have pointed out that being Donald Trump’s daughter can be a stressful factor in and of itself, which may also unexpectedly contribute to weight loss. “It’s not easy being in the spotlight and everyone hates your dad. It’s not fair to her. I’ve always admired her and always will,” one fan wrote, while another thought, “She lost weight because she works in finance.” and legal. problems.” Another quipped, “You’ll lose weight while you’re so worried about what you know.”

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Painful factors in the life of Ivanka Trump

The weight loss may also be attributed to other stressful factors in her life, such as the ongoing fraud lawsuit filed against her, her father Donald Trump, and her two brothers Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump in September, as well as testimony last year to a US House Committee investigating the January 6, 2021 siege of the building. US Capitol.

And though the mom-of-three has said she’ll take a back seat this time around to focus on her family (referring to husband Jared Kushner, 42, and their three children Arabella, 11, Joseph, 9, and Theodore, 6), we expect the show to remain Her third father to the presidency had some kind of influence (read: psychological pressure) on her life.


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