It’s all about facial fitness and the new study of its implementation


If only two years ago we hadn’t stopped hearing about as beautyToday is the end fitness face The one who seems to dominate the conversation when it comes to Leather care. Yes, we’re referring to this new method that sticks to transferring gym routines to the face. An idea that looks even more attractive if the first study on it reaches Mexico. Your Name? Face.

And it is that weather, perspiration, and even the use of makeup can make us want to only put on our skin what is fair and necessary to keep it healthy and beautiful. In creating habits can bring us other benefits, from renew Is there a fundamental difference in the health of the face if you practice the routine with Face?

The perfect place to pamper your face.

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On facial fitness and embracing revolutionary skin care

Face It is the last show that lovers have taken over Leather care. Founded in 2019 for sisters Barbara and Jimena Richardsonthis study The face of fitness Dedicated to finding the most innovative non-surgical techniques to extend youthfulness and prevent aging.

So what should you know about this new facial hotspot?

The technology used in Face Is it Microgravity – The heart of the concept – which brings together practices Facial Yoga, Acupressure and Gua Sha to provide a method work out Or a completely new facial massage with the aim of toning the facial muscles and avoiding falling. And, of course, as in physical exercise, this technique is divided into 3 sets: Cardio, strength and stretching. Each block of these exercises is designed to strengthen and achieve the muscles of the face facelift Non-invasive, get the best skin. the the heart It warms up the muscles and increases blood flow to the face. part of power It is to strengthen the facial muscles to prevent them from falling. Finally, the stretch It helps the elasticity of the muscles and skin, which prevents the appearance of wrinkles. The technique also includes a lymphatic drainage part that helps cleanse this system that nourishes our face.


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