Is a poke bowl really a healthy dish?


For the past few years, this little dish has been hard to miss. In restaurants, as on social networks, he has the gift of brightening dishes, satisfying hunger.

The poke bowl, the recipe for success

Slightly sticky rice, edamame, avocado slices, mango or pineapple cubes and, of course, raw fish (most often salmon). This is it The classic poke bowl recipe. In other words, an assortment of crunchy, melty, sweet, savory treats, all served cold and well-presented. As such, the poke bowl differs from the salad and has true readability.

Calories are often checked in a poke bowl

With a combination of fruits, vegetables, proteins and legumes, the The poke bowl seemed to have all the qualities needed to constitute a dish that qualifies as a ‘slimming dish’. When you ask the question to Deborah Ohana, a registered dietitian (, she wants to remember this: “There’s no food that makes you fat or there’s no food that doesn’t make you lose weight. So the poke bowl can be a go-to dish when we’re looking to lose weight.” Weight A question of balance? The specialist continues, “First, a balanced means adapted to our needs, specific to each individual, and therefore in a quantity adapted to their hunger. Then, if we follow theoretical nutritional balanceWe must find: protein, starch and vegetables. You can also add fruit, dairy, and fats to create a “healthy” dish. Therefore, the poke bowl is fully included in a balanced diet. »

But then why Number of calories in a poke bowl Is she being questioned often? I heard him as a “fake friend”, and by this dish he understood that he was richer than he seemed, would he be misleading? It’s all about quantity and addition. Nutrition expert Rafael Grauman (@lamethodegruman on Instagram) recalls that a poke bowl generally contains “large amounts of rice, the glycemic index of which is very high. In addition, sweet sauces that increase the carbohydrate intake are often added to the dish. Finally, it does not contain a lot of protein (animal or vegetable), the portions are very limited. »

Each poke bowl has its own composition and, accordingly, the number of calories in it. “It varies greatly depending on the poke bowls. We can go from 200kcal to 500kcal. For a meal, for a pregnant woman it will be necessary to plan the poke bowl at 300 calories although it is not necessarily the calorie intake that is What is important, but what you put in. It can only be 200 calories: if there is only glutinous rice, it will not be balanced, ”warns the expert.

theThe idea of ​​a calorie counter also seems outdated In the eyes of Deborah Ohana, when it comes to shedding a few pounds or getting in shape. “Calories do not have to be considered when we seek to lose weight or take care of our health, these are ideas that are received. A woman’s needs, whether she is breastfeeding or not, are different every day and are her own. The idea is to adapt to your hunger, depending on the moment T.

Each recipe has its differences. Thus, it is quite possible to replace the traditional sticky rice in a poke bowl with another grain. In this regard, dietitians and dietitians recommend red or brown rice, as it is rich in micronutrients. Quinoa and soy noodles are also being given the green light. For his part, Rafael Grauman joined her in eating quinoa and red rice, “for better satiety during the day.” He also offers the lentil option, always with the idea of ​​ensuring “a good supply of protein and complex carbohydrates (with a low GI) and a good fiber intake. He specifies that it should be supplemented with vegetables and possibly an animal protein. As for the dressing, A dash of soy sauce will suffice. If the sweet version is really too much for you, you can opt for a savory version drenched in salt, or a homemade salsa with yogurt and lemon juice.

Imagine a fairly light poke bowl ? The nutritionist then suggests “a vegetable base like salad or bean sprouts, a good supply of animal protein like salmon, loads of vegetables and a light dressing like yogurt and mustard dressing.”

As for the choice of fish, Salmon, tuna, and seafood are sources of protein and omega-3 Interesting for health, the so-called high-quality fats. However, there is a small difference: bream is a white fish, and therefore it is less fatty than other species.

Can I eat poke bowl while pregnant?

During pregnancy, the list of prohibited ingredients must be strictly respected, on pain of contracting certain diseases such as toxoplasmosis, which is harmful during pregnancy. Also, you may have learned that booze is not your ally. In fact, fish go off in the poke bowl, unless you overcook it (so, we won’t really talk about the poke bowl anymore, but why not). If you are not keen on vegetable bouquet, prefer a revisited recipe, with beef or chicken (again, the meat should be well cooked). As for fruits and vegetables, be sure to prepare them. It must be completely washed off. If in doubt, cooking is essential. Finally, remember to eat when you’re pregnant, it’s more essential than ever!


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