Increased physique: Maribel Guardia’s amazing legs at 63 years old


Maribel Guardia loves to show off her perfect legs and without a gram of cellulite.

Premiere of his new show “This is really personal.” It was the perfect excuse he could find Maribel Guardia Proving that at 63 she can still wear a mini dress without feeling guilty, because she knows she has some Awesome legs And free from the hated cellulite.

Unlike other women, the Costa Rican actress can wear whatever she wants because she is confident that everything looks good on her and why not? Maribel Guardia He always spends a few hours a day doing sports and getting all parts of his body in shape. There is no doubt about that Ex-wife of Joan Sebastian He knows how to take care of his beauty and make the years not burden his body.

Realizing how gorgeous she looks and how beautiful the color red is on her, the actress posted a photo on her Instagram @maribelguardia where she is seen wearing a gorgeous red dress that reveals her extreme beauty. Matching legs. The most impressive thing is that in addition to having legs that look like they’ve been sculpted by the best sculptors, they don’t even have a hint of cellulite.

Seeing the photo, there was no shortage of compliments for the singer and model as well, which could not be otherwise, because it was always clear that there were many who liked Maribel Guardia And those who are waiting to see their photos and videos to be captivated by their beauty.

Obviously his more than 7.8 million followers It’s always a pleasure to see the actress and accompany her on each of her projects.

Maribel Guardia is the host of the new Televisa programme. Photo:


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