Increased physique: Maribel Guardia’s amazing body at 63 years old


Maribel Guardia’s followers cannot avoid complimenting the actress’ beautiful body.

Talented Costa Rican Actress Maribel Guardia Never get tired of catching looks. She, who still looks as good as ever, is proud of her choice healthy lifestyle.

The 63-year-old model is also the owner of one of the most amazing bodies on Latin television, which should come as no surprise since she’s always on display through her Instagram @maribelguardia account. exercise procedures Which allow her to stay well and give the impression that time is not passing her by.

The key to that eternal youth with which he presents himself Maribel Guardia As stated on the portal, in the discipline that allows you to follow a healthy eating plan and training that consists of playing sports such as boxing, that helps you burn those calories that your body would dare to pursue and that also allows you to always be very toned.

a Maribel Guardia He also loves to go hiking. For her, this exercise is key and one of the most she’s worked on to stay in good physical shape, as it helps her strengthen her legs and keep her buttocks in place. Plus, complement any of your routines with a good dose of abs.

Sure, age is no excuse for looking and feeling good, but ask Maribel Guardia who is proud Her amazing body is 63 years oldexplaining that you can be beautiful at any age and that taking care of yourself is no small matter.

At the age of 19, Maribel Guardia participated in the Miss Universe contest. Photo: IG/maribelguardia


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