Increased physique: Gloria Trevi’s stunning 54-year-old body


At the end of 2022, Gloria Trevi surprised her followers with some completely nude photos of her.

gifted Gloria Trevi He never ceases to surprise and shock his followers. This time he did it with some Pictures That they suffered a heart attack at the end of 2022, the singer posted some photos on the social network Instagram, in which she was seen completely naked. His fans see him toned silhouette They did nothing but wonder what are you doing to stay so beautiful?

It just so happens that the 54-year-old singer is performing Routine exercise Help her maintain it amazing body Which makes her look more beautiful today than ever. the physical training Translator free poetry This is what makes her look forever beautiful and adorable.

According to the portal soyaire.comthe Gloria Trevi’s stunning body at 54 years old It is achieved through the practice of Pilates, since this system physical training It allows her to control her breathing and helps her improve concentration, which is very important for a singer like her.

But the Glorietta Trevi’s Amazing Body Routine It does not stop there, the singer also does weightlifting exercises with the aim of gaining muscle mass and strengthening her muscles. Plus, she’s added pelvic curls to her training, which helps her get those perfect legs and buttocks that we all see when she wears her stunning outfits.

Finally, there’s a can’t-miss exercise in the Mexican singer’s workout that’s best of all, can be done anywhere. It is about the famous squat that Gloria Trevi Performed to strengthen the thighs, buttocks and hips.

Gloria Trevi starts her day with a glass of grapefruit juice. Photo: Alex Cordova


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