Increased physique: Carmen Villalobos’ amazing body at 39 years old


Carmen Villalobos never ceases to surprise her followers with the sensual photos in a bikini that she posts on her Instagram.

Already a successful Colombian actress Carmen Villalobos She’s 39, but she looks so stunning that it’s very easy to question her age, especially when she posts hot pics of herself in a bikini, just like she posted these postcards on her Instagram account @cvillaloboss and everyone else stayed. He was impressed with how good he looked for his age.

Every time the Colombian stands up, her followers jump up to ask her what she’s doing to show off so Excellent form And even it seems that the years do not pass by. The answer is simple, according to, Carmen Villalobos She has a few can’t-miss exercises from her routine, but nothing in the world that leads to that great body.

The secret of who played Catalina Santana in the series Without breasts, there is no heaven to Brigades work It is a unilateral buttock and thigh lift, a routine that helps her strengthen that part of her body. But Carmen Villalobos training It doesn’t stop there, he also does cardiovascular exercises along with lifting weights.

To give her routine an extra boost, Carmen adds squats with resistance bands. In this way, the actress strengthens and tones her lower body, which results in her stunning legs and buttocks.

This is how with powerful and effective Routine exerciseAnd Carmen Villalobos get that amazing body That at the age of thirty-nine he continues to sigh and that he never ceases to receive praise. So if you also want to look as beautiful as her, start doing strength today Carmen Villalobos is training with an amazing body at the age of 39.

Carmen Villalobos has a balanced diet. Photo: JP Yim/Getty Images


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