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It doesn’t matter how big your company is. Even if you are a freelance personal trainer, having a marketing strategy is crucial to attracting clients to your fitness business.

In this post I will explain why you need a marketing strategy, and the key elements you should take into account to plan it:

  • Why your gym needs a marketing strategy.
  • A passionate fitness copywriter helps improve the results of your marketing campaigns.
  • But… who are your ideal customers?
  • What gets your clients interested in new activities in the gym.
  • How to create marketing content relevant to your audience.
How to Attract Customers to Your Fitness Business Photo Words in the Cloud

Why your gym needs a marketing strategy

The best marketing strategies focus on attracting new customers, increasing profits, and retaining existing customers. In the fitness sector, there is more and more competition, which is why it is very important to focus your message on what differentiates you from other gyms, gyms or personal trainers.

If you look at the advertising and content of the sector’s web pages, you will see that almost everyone says the same thing. These messages do not affect your audience. They endured. And by repeating the same slogans, they end up losing value. “More than a gym”, “Get great results”, “Burn a thousand calories per session”. Videos that are repeated over and over, that don’t say anything interesting about your brand, or about the benefits you can bring to your customers.

Like most small businesses, your gym has grown by word of mouth. No one doubts that it is a very good way to increase the number of your customers. But this is not enough. With the proliferation of fitness centers, so does the competition. To maintain a minimal competitive edge, you need an online presence. And you need that existence to have meaning.

By now, most gyms and personal trainers know their clients value digital content highly, so having compelling copy is key to a good marketing campaign.

A passionate fitness copywriter helps improve the results of your marketing campaigns.

A writer who understands the field of fitness, is very interested in sports, has experience as a client of gyms and sports clubs, understands your business at the level you need. On the one hand, it will empathize with the needs and desires of your customers. On the other hand, he has all the necessary knowledge to resolve any doubts they may have.

In his research work, he will put together a well-defined profile of your ideal client, to find out what are the inner motivations and desires that drive him to join the gym. Based on this information, texts will be created that will help convey your brand image. But, above all, you will reach the hearts of your target audience, so that they can have no doubt that your gym and the services you offer will change their lives.

Think about this:

  • Nobody joins a gym to burn 840 calories for a cardio session. They share the luxury they will feel when they reach their ideal weight.
  • They are not paying for a strength training plan to increase their muscle mass, but for how beautiful they look on the beach in the summer. They pay to see their self-esteem rise when they look in the mirror.
  • They don’t go to a Zumba class to learn coordination, but to meet new people in a relaxed and fun environment. A high percentage of people who join a gym do so out of a need to belong to a group or community.
  • They do spinning sessions not to increase cardiovascular resistance, but to get a more restful sleep and feel happier the next day.

It is important that your ideal customer receives this information in a clear and friendly manner. Remember that all issues related to health and physical appearance are sensitive. You need a copywriter who understands this sensitivity and writes with the right words.

But… who are your ideal customers?

This is the most important thing you need to know to plan your marketing strategy. If you do not know your target audience well, all your efforts to attract customers to your fitness business will be in vain. Defining what is called a “buyer persona” is crucial. Writing compelling scripts will get their attention and they decide to work out with you, not the gym two blocks from your club.

It’s also interesting to learn about current social trends, to incorporate that information into the copy you use to promote your services. For example, in Spain, 70% of the population does not engage in any physical activity. This group of sedentary people, who need to improve their health, might be an interesting target to attract to your gym. You just need to use relevant and meaningful messages.

What gets your clients to sign up for new activities in the gym?

This will also depend on your Buyer Persona profile. Clients who go to the gym regularly may be interested in trying new activities that fit in with their regular workouts. The newest will engage in an activity that they feel comfortable with at first, after adjusting to their fitness level.

The time of year also has a lot to do with it. January and May are the two months with the highest numbers of sports clubs and gyms. People want to lose all the weight gained during the Christmas holidays. In May, “Operation Bikini” began. Good copywriting is useful for creating specific campaigns.

How to create marketing content relevant to your audience.

There are many marketing strategies that are useful for attracting and keeping existing customers. You don’t need something fancy or too complicated. What you should care about are the texts and messages that you provide, as I have already made clear throughout this post.

Good writing is not an expense, but a necessary investment. If you want to learn more about how copywriting can help any business grow, click here.

The fitness business goes well with everything visual: you can use videos and photos, with well-made messages that grab your audience’s attention very quickly and with great impact. People who exercise frequently often see a lot of fitness content on social media. For example, you can post:

  • Tips for improving the technique of some exercises.
  • healthy recipes.
  • Promotions and offers.
  • Sports Events.
  • Material transformation stories for your clients.

There are many possibilities! Remember, the protagonist of your messages and content should always be your ideal customer, that “buyer” that you should know as if they were your family.

Believe me, it is very boring to see personal trainers talking exclusively about their achievements, scores and battles. Every time a potential customer lands on any of your content, on social networks, in an email or on your website, they should find something written for them, based on their needs and wants. Only then will you make him want to train with you or join your gym.

Also pay attention to keyword usage. Social network users use them to look up information, before contacting a gym or personal trainer. Try to be easily found with Google.

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