How to get rid of skin toxins?


Do you suffer from dull skin, dark circles and small pimples? Maybe it’s time to detox your facial skin. Discover the key steps to restoring radiant, healthy-looking skin in no time.

Why does the skin get rid of toxins?

Every day, the skin is exposed to many external aggressions, including exposure to UVA and UVB rays and pollution. Stress, poor diet, lack of sleep or the use of inappropriate or outdated cosmetics are also factors that have a direct impact on our skin. Thus, the skin absorbs and generates toxins on a daily basis, which greatly affects its quality.

To find a smooth skin texture, a fresh and radiant face, it is essential Detoxifies the skin. This will help in a great detox and cleanse, to get rid of a dull complexion and remove impurities. That’s not all. This will also help revive microcirculation and thus promote cell regeneration. Either, the production of collagen and elastin is essential to keep skin supple, firm, and glowing.

When is the detoxification of the skin?

You can Skin detoxification procedure Throughout the year. This moment can also become a ritual, for example, taking an hour every Sunday to do a deep skin cleansing.

If you want to do detoxification by peeling or other treatments at the institute, it is recommended that you do it at the beginning of autumn and spring. These two periods are particularly ideal because they allow you to prepare the skin for winter or the return of sunny days. To get started in full swing after a busy summer or winter. Be careful, however, not to do these treatments before frequent sun exposure (such as the day before leaving on vacation), because your skin will be weakened and therefore more sensitive to UV rays. Also, make sure you always protect it with an SPF.

Cleanse your skin well

We don’t teach you anything, cleansing is the most important step to healthy skin. It is therefore essential on a daily basis not to skip these gestures.

  • In the morning, cleanse your face with micellar water or a gentle cleanser to remove residue from products applied the day before.
  • In the evening, bet on a double cleansing, with an oily texture to remove make-up and remove remnants of sunscreen (oil attracts), then with a mousse or gel texture to perfect cleansing and eliminate impurities.

After each skin cleansing, be sure to apply a revitalizing lotion to get rid of the limescale residue left by the water and prepare the skin for treatment.

Once a week, feel free to go for a slightly more thorough cleanse, with an exfoliating treatment (an enzyme peel or grain exfoliation, depending on your skin type), and then with a purifying mask. Otherwise, you can also do a peeling at home, but you’ll have to bet on a soothing mask afterwards. In any case, moisturize your skin well after each such treatment so that it can repair and regenerate. The extra trick? Do a steam bath or facial sauna before initiating treatment. This will open the pores to remove toxins more quickly.

Choose the right assets

If you want to do a “skin detox”, you have to choose the right effective ingredients to get rid of blemishes.

of between it :

  • Green clay for its purifying and toning properties
  • The ideal charcoal for absorbing excess sebum, pimples and blackheads
  • AHAs, fruit acids that act as chemical exfoliants to rejuvenate the skin
  • Tea tree, lavender and citrus oils, for their purifying and purifying properties
  • Vitamin C to even out skin tone

But be careful to use it well so that it does not attack the skin.

Liver detox to improve skin quality

Food plays an important role in the quality of the skin. This is why it is recommended to perform a liver detoxification treatment after certain periods of excess food intake (such as year-end celebrations) or when you feel the urge.

This will help you regain a healthy, easily digestible body, but also a fresh, radiant complexion. It’s the best way Naturally detoxifies the skin.

On a daily basis, to avoid blemishes and dull skin as much as possible, also make sure to eat a healthy and balanced diet, with fresh and seasonal foods. Certain fruits and vegetables, such as apricots and spinach, are also ideal for reviving skin radiance.

Focus on nutritional supplements

Also, feel free to help Dietary supplement to detoxify the skin. Today, there are several types that can provide you with the essential elements to detox and restore healthy skin.

  • D-Lab Nutricosmetics Skin Detoxification Dietary Supplement

This dietary supplement combines ultra-targeted active ingredients to purify subcutaneous tissue, regulate hormonal activity, act on microbes, and soothe skin.

  • Digo basic probiotic food supplement

This dietary supplement works on the proper functioning of the intestines. A good balance of intestinal flora promotes beautiful skin quality.

  • Pure Glow Aime Dietary Supplement

This dietary supplement is ideal for injured skin as it helps detoxify and eliminate fat in the liver.


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