How does Matthew McConaughey take care of himself?


American actor Matthew McConaughey is a clear example of a healthy lifestyle, he has turned his life into a continuous adventure in which he does all kinds of sports.


Matthew has no secrets in his diet because according to him he eats everything but very balanced and above all without fats or fried foods. He loves vegetables and sometimes has a good dose of ice cream, but every time he does he burns it off with a good dose of one of his favorite sports.

Contrary to what is usually done, he eats a very light breakfast or even just a cup of coffee to go out for training in the morning almost to help, according to him, to burn fat in the morning, nothing like going out with nothing. In the body with a little caffeine to stimulate the metabolism.

Playing sports

Matthew usually does fitness every day but not necessarily in the gym because he says you have to use your imagination and he trains with what he often finds on hand, like rocks or flower pots from his hotel. She loves doing exercises that she invents with her body, from push-ups on chairs to pull-ups on doors and railings.

Plus, every day he does a cardio session whenever he needs it, because he realizes that if he goes out dancing the night before, he gives it his all like he’s on an athletics track. To do cardiovascular exercises, he does endless sports like surfing, mountain biking, running, cycling (he’s friends with Armstrong and goes out with him a few times), swimming… and balances his body with yoga and Altai. Chi.

The trick on days when it’s raining heavily and you don’t feel like going outside to get wet in the water is to practice shadow boxing for 30 minutes in the living room, with fast, powerful punches, so you don’t gain muscle but, he says, keep what you have. Of course, after any exercise you do, do a series of stretches for each muscle group that you work.

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