How do you know if you have healthy hair?

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My hair is dull, what should I do?

“Usually the first sign that hair is going bad is that it becomes dullexplains Elisabeth Bouhadana, director of science communication at L’Oréal Paris. This means that the thin sheath of lipids that surrounds it e usually gives its shiny side is damaged. She’s the one who toasts first!” It can also be due to an excess of UV, which modifies the color by attacking the melanin pigments and the proteins (keratin) of the hair. Its structure weakens, becomes crumbly and brittle. For restore shine to hair kitchen direction: we will mix a lemon juice or a spoonful of vinegar mixed with its rinse water to make the shiny hair and relaxed. On the care side, we promote oil baths olive or castor oil for soft hair and brilliant.

Why is my hair always dry?

And An hat it is dry to the touch means that the scales have been lifted, torn off. It is a consequence of everything the hair has been chemically subjected to: colouring, straightening, but also brushing, UV rays and pollution, which contribute to weaken the fiber. Again, let’s cut costs and leave her hair alone. We space out the shampoos by trying to wash them 1 to 2 times a week at the most. Dyes are to be avoided to avoid drying them even more. We prefer a mild shampoo, nourishing and enriched with oils. They are rinsed with warm water to limit the opening of the scales. We do not ignore thespecial conditioner for brittle hair. Once a week we apply a mask on her lengths. Avoid using too much heat on your hair by pre-drying it with a microfiber towel and we use the cold air hair dryer. We keep a light hand on the brushing, very delicately. Finally, avoid overloading your hair with styling products that dry out the hair fiber and, most importantly: be patient and do the necessary care as a daily ritual.

When hair begins to lose its protective layer, it becomes permeable to water and is no longer adequately hydrated. This explains why it crinkles and becomes foamy. The hair is lack of hydration and her scales lift, creating what’s called frizz. To remedy the situation, we have put in place a skin care routine to rehydrate dry hair. We wash our hair at most twice a week to avoid further drying out the hair fiber. We realize nourishing masks to soften the hair. To discipline loose strands, set your hair using a hairspray, wax, or styling product-type fixer that will shape your hair.

Why do I lose my hair when I wash it?

We usually lose in between 50 and 100 hairs a day. But if the brush is abnormally covered, it is because our hair is brittle or we are losing it. In the latter case, a white dot can be seen at the end of the hair: this is its bulb. To limit breakage, brush your hair gently, favoring it natural bristle brush to avoid entangling the scales and weakening them. Let’s avoid brushing them when they are wet, in fact, that’s where they are the most sensitive and fragile.

It’s the hormones! Around menopause (which takes ten years to enter), hormonal changes cause changes in the scalp. Our female hormone levels go down, our male hormones are maintained. Result? The roots are less well nourished, growth slows down, the hair becomes thinner, becomes porous and density is less important. To continue playing sports a beautiful hair, we favor vitamins of group B, C and E, antioxidants and zinc to enhance the synthesis of keratin (one of the major constituents of the hair fiber). To maximize the chances of finding a strong capillary mass, we don’t hesitate to do so massage the scalp using a brush with silicone bristles and an anti-hair loss lotion to oxygenate the hair by activating the microcirculation before shampooing. Finally, we encourage the use of volumizing shampoos to wrap around the hair and create the illusion of full, thick hair.

White hair is more fragile due to the loss of melanin which makes it drier and more vulnerable. It is noted that, in some people, it can become even coarser and thicker. It all depends on the quality of our hair. White hair has specific needs, so you have to adapt her hair routine. It’s best to space out your shampoos to weaken them as much as possible and favor a special shampoo for dry hair or special shampoo for white hair without sulphates. The purple shampoo they tend to dry their hair like thatIf the white hair is dry, we bring it to intense hydration with a nourishing care in the form of a mask or oil bath.








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