How do you have beautiful teeth?


It’s crazy that a simple smile has the power to generate! First Personal feeling of happiness Through the immediate release of endorphins. Which isn’t bad enough. But a recent study by Opinion Way (for SmileDirectClub) just pointed out the other benefits of smiling: Social Links Facilitator (95% of the French think it encourages communication), Ego strengthening (89% think it improves self-confidence), perfect joker to break the ice (86% find it belittling the situation) OR Still an excellent means of persuasion (82% use it to get something more easily). How to offend her. Moreover, according to this study, 47% of French people smile more than ten times a day. That’s fine, but all means are good to do better.

So that smile… How do you take care of her? What is the routine that should be adopted? Discover good tips and tricks to get a beautiful smile and no longer be jealous of Julia Roberts.

How do you have beautifully aligned teeth?

Bias problem prevents you from smiling frankly? If the metal grommets had a bit of a fanfare revival (more in magazines than in real life, anyway), the invisible gutters have clearly changed the situation on the patch side. Especially for adults. Good news: the process has just evolved with the overwhelming entry of digital technology into the medical environment. If there is still any doubt about dispensing with the intervention of the dentist to ensure that everything is in order on the side of the mouth and also to assess the degree of correction, the following is clearly simplified. After taking an impression using a scanner at an affiliated clinic, you receive at home a full set of custom-made thermoplastic gutters, which are essential throughout your treatment. It is up to us to follow the protocol and change the corrective gutter regularly. No more bi-weekly dentist appointments, follow-up done remotely (unless there is a problem). “The gutters are worn 22 hours a day, for four to nine months depending on the degree of correction,” explains one of DR Smile, a company established in more than 10 countries, with 26 dental clinics in France. without a goal? Making home braces affordable (for those over 18 years old) with really attractive prices and the possibility to pay for your treatment every month. Attractive, right? From € 1,590 ( or just at night (minimum 10 hours) for ten months at SmileDirectClub with Nighttime Aligners, € 1,650 ( Also worth a look at Aligneurs Français for fans of Made-in-France products, as everything is made at Jura (aligneursfranç

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How do you have beautiful healthy teeth?

One in two French people (56%) brush their teeth twice a day. and 14% three times *. Good news, but … brushing is not quite enough for a complete cleaning: “When we brush, we only clean 60% of the face of our teeth. There is still 40% left, not to be forgotten: the famous interdental spaces, ”says Dr. Pierre Marie Voisin, MD, dentist and medical director of Oral Care, Pierre Fabre. However, one of the most recent studies by Neopulse (2019) reveals that only 13% of French people clean these gaps … However, this is where dental plaque settles, in the long run, with harmful consequences: gingivitis, periodontitis Tooth (gum destruction). bone supporting the teeth), or its loosening. Therefore, it is better to get used to the use of brushes and wires, and before each brushing: “Yes, it is better than the next: it removes particles separated by brushing,” explains Dr. Voisan. After cleaning, one can floss with water to feel their mouth really fresh and clear. Above all, do not ignore the annual visit to the dentist. Minimum: Two descaling procedures per year paid in full. This is not only an opportunity to get rid of plaque, but also to conduct a complete examination of the mouth. And most importantly, “the association between oral health and general health has now been proven. We know that.” Oral diseases It can be a cause of diabetes, cardiovascular problems, more serious forms of Covid, and even Alzheimer’s disease, ”continues Dr. Voisin. It makes you want to adhere to the expert’s motto: “Good health for a healthy body!” »

Expert tools: Eissa 3 Sonic ToothbrushForeo, 189 euros ; Tongue scraper, LeBon, €6.50 at Bon marché and on; Duo Tongue scraper In Copper and Gandusha Ayurvedic MouthwashHolidermie, 49 euros; Easy Jet Dental ClinicNeopulse, € 95 **

* Scan Doctolib and UFSBD

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Which toothpaste do you choose to have beautiful teeth?

Even if it’s just an “accessory” to the brush (the mechanical action is more important for brushing the teeth), toothpaste gets a lot more complicated. Alongside the now refreshing essential mint release, seductive promises coexist. This whiteness of course, even if it is more accurate to talk about the brightening of these formulas that generally contain activated carbon or silica: “The abrasive force makes it possible to soften stains on the surface of the enamel. However, I advise against long-term use. Instead of a treatment for ten days, or then just three times a week, Dr. Voisin prescribes.Another movement to follow, Formulas that favor natural ingredients and care about preserving the environment, that fulfill the desire for greener actions. Regarding So called anti aging versions, Why not ? Containing antioxidants, vitamins or even hyaluronic acid, they can be useful for strengthening enamel but also for Protecting the gums from infections.

PRO cleaning : New anti-aging toothpaste with white enamelVardis, €29, on; Hypersensitivity toothpasteRegenerate, €13.50**; Natural whitening toothpastebreathing, € 6.90***; Toothpaste for sensitive gumsOrganic Pharmacy Garden, €3.49; Toothpaste with a mint layer of remineralizationcattier, 5.20 euros; Activated charcoal toothpasteFlowwhite, € 2.90; Active Charcoal Whitening ToothpasteInnovatouch, 12.90 euros. Fluoride whitening toothpasteWhat matters, Reinforced glass pump bottle, 90 ml, € 10.90, Ecorefill 180 ml, € 9.90 on, Printemps de la Beauté, in pharmacies and concept stores.

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How do you take care of the oral microbiome?

As on the skin, there is The bacteria in the mouth that live together well. The idea? Maintain this harmony to avoid creating an imbalance and favoring the presence of harmful microorganisms. ” Take care of your oral microbiome It is part of a comprehensive view of health. This prevents the development and transmission of disease-causing bacteria in the body,” promises François Bonnat, co-founder of Smilist, a new microbial care brand for smiles. But how do you know what’s good and what’s not? There’s no problem with what’s mechanical: brushing. , brushing, tongue scraping (great for keeping breath fresh), it’s all in! On the other hand, be careful about what’s “chemical”: no toothpaste with strips, no antiseptic mouthwash (unless This is medically recommended).

flexible : Rejuvenating toothpasteThe Smilist, € 17.90 Oral microbiome nutritional supplement absorptionGallinée, € 17 **; Complete protection toothpasteCoslys, €6.29; Fresh organic solid toothpasteCosmonatural, € 5.70; Fresh mouthwashCentifolia: € 7.50 **; Organic mint mouthwash gumPropolia, € 13.80 **. For the solution: mouthwash, 900 care, € 4.90 for the trial group, 900 care; Pure Toothpaste, Melvita, € 6.90 **.

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How do you have beautiful white teeth?

Teeth whitening ? We (almost) all want to get started! But is he always wise? And if so, to what level of clarification? The idea is not to make a Hollywood smile so white, that it becomes fake… Dr. Voisin explains a basic and little-known idea: “To get a harmonious smile, you have to think about it in your entire face. The other part that is white is the whites of the eyes. Harmony is produced when The whiteness level of the teeth is similar to the whiteness of the eyes.Hence the brilliant idea of ​​this connected mirror that takes first picture of the smile, then another picture of the eyes to compare the level of whiteness!By mixing these results with personal information (lifestyle, age, etc.), The expert determines the diagnosis free of charge, offering – or not recommending – an explanation and the most appropriate way to consider it. For now, this only happens in Toulouse at LAB Pierre Fabre, a hybrid place of sharing and discussion, dedicated to skin care, hair care and now … smiles. But this mirror The connection will soon (hopefully!) be available in pharmacies, everywhere in France.Another avenue that promises a new radiance for the mouth: detox aesthetic treatment and smile light.Développé by le Dr Ari Elhyani, ce protocole très complete se déroule en sept étapes ciblant les dents (gommage des taches, pose d’un masque reminéralisant, lissage à la poudre diamant…) and les gencives (masque aux huiles essentielles, lissage à l ‘hyaluronic acid…). result ? Super healthy mouth, stronger, brighter teeth and firm, even gums. It is seen once a year, depending on the type of gum and the quality of the teeth. Elone Clinic, 50 minutes, 595 euros,

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* In perfumes and department stores. ** In pharmacies and drugstores *** In supermarkets

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