How do you embrace the clean girl trend?


She wears a white T-shirt that reveals her belly, loose but well-cut jeans, a pair of trendy sneakers, black cat-eye sunglasses, little gold hoops, and depending on the mood, elegant cake or a branded cover. Her complexion is fresh, her gaze is barely enhanced by mascara, and her mouth is gently gleaming. Here, in a few words (and clichés), is the typical image of clean girl. This “clean” girl we see everywhere on the nets, who seems to have been born in a parallel universe, where there is no burnout, acne, frizz and love handles.

Personified by personalities such as Hailey Bieber, Bella Hadid, and Nicola Peltz Beckham, the movement clean girl It touches on many areas, from fashion to hairdressing, including make-up. in the latter, inclinations clean girl is a continuation of glow makeupskin Nada or even Glassy skin There are many beauty trends that highlight fresh, radiant, and healthy looks.

⋙ PHOTOS – Glitter, blush, liquid foundation… All products adopt the Clean Girl trend

How to do makeup Clean girl, that Fake natural beauty?

on TikTok, Videos associated with hashtags # Cleaning And #retweet Get billions of views. Through tutorials or product presentations, tiktokeuses give their best tips for reproducing the famous “simple” beauty treatment step by step.

on clear, well-moisturized skin, The first step is to work the complexion sheer, without (too much) layering build-up. To do this, bases, perfectors, fluids, toners or even skin serums are the perfect allies. Apply with a finger or Beautyblender – From the center of the face to the contours of the face – these products skilfully correct and ensure an even complexion with maximum precision. with help Concealerthen we get to blur all the small imperfections, without forgetting to go into dark circles : a decisive step because by masking the signs of fatigue we enhance the effect of freshness that characterizes the appearance clean girl.

Once the complexion has been upgraded, the goal is to add radiance. Forget covering powders We add touchesIlluminator on some strategic points such as the bridge of the nose or the inner corner of the eye. To enhance the effect of a healthy glow, We trade in products Outline Against sticky or cream blusheswhich we work with with the finger and which we choose the most natural shades possible.

On the brow side, the trick is to brush them upwards, diagonally, to Gives the impression of a thick and full eyebrow. Then the result is fixed with an eyebrow mascara or a transparent eyebrow gel. As for the eyes, they remain naked, or Barely covered with eyeshadow, with just a touch of mascara On lashes previously sculpted with an eyelash curler.

The last touch? The mouth that must be mesmerizing. to give the illusion of life size, We redraw his mouth using a lip linerA tone above her natural skin tone, by drawing a line above the natural line of the upper lip. Few Fluff sheen For chewable lipsAnd, presto, voila!

As a final step, some Clean girls Also choose A spritz of setting spray, to seal makeup and set a 100% matte finish. fat.

How to embrace the trend clean girl In real life ?

For anyone who is not an expert in brushes and equipped like a pro, Let’s realize that the clean-girl look seems to be just as time-consuming…and just as technical. “This is where the irony lies, assures Lucille Gauthier-Browde, beauty director at Peclers Paris, a trend advisory agency. The clean girl look advocates transparency and authenticity while not being natural. this Sophisticated makeup, very elaborate, embodied by models who rarely appear on the networks. It’s anything but “I woke up like this.”“.

Gigi Hadid - Spring-Summer 2023 Ready-to-Wear show
© Agency / BestimageGigi Hadid – Spring/Summer 2023 ready-to-wear show “Isabel Marant” during Paris Fashion Week

And to add:The clean girl was honored during Spring-Summer 2023 Fashion Weekin Isabel Marant (but also in Victoria Beckham Or Chanel, editor’s note). But the truth is, after showing in New York, London, and Milan, the girls made it to the finale of the race in Paris, with skin very tired and marked. It takes hard work behind the scenes to restore a glowing complexion and create the illusion of a no-frills beauty.

clean girl : an expression smears

If the hypocritical side of a trend is a problem, so is the word “Cleaning” – Literally translated as “clean” – is something else. The question we are entitled to ask is the following: “If I don’t fit into the ‘clean girl’ box, because I don’t want to spend hours applying makeup or because I have…young love/ Scars / Flaws, should I consider myself a “dirty girl”? “

The term “clean” is pretty brutalGet acquainted with Lucille Gauthier Proud. This means that everything else is dirty, which is clearly not the message that needs to be conveyed

on social networks, Obviously, many people have rebelled against this trendpointing Valuing the cliché of skinny white women as the standard of beauty. Tiktok rants have gathered under thematic playlists, particularly titled “The Clean Girl Aesthetic Problem” (“The problem of aesthetics clean girl”) or “The Aesthetic Irony of the Clean Girl” (“The irony of aesthetics clean girl“).

Other netizens also talk about cultural appropriation and remember it inclinations clean girl It has a long history in the black and Latino communities.


The clean girl aesthetic is nothing new, not just a trend, and definitely not a YouTuber‼️‼️ If there is any incorrect information, please lmk in the comments! Last but not least, give credit where credit is due. #retweet

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iD Magazine’s website covered this topic:This legacy of slicked-back knots, gold earrings, and creamy leather has now been salvaged and transformed into just a trend that white women have embodied.”reads an opinion article published last August.

clean girl : what we remember from the direction

For all the reasons we just mentioned, let’s just admit it very expensive clean girl A little annoying (a lot?)…so what do you do with this frustrating trend? let’s start with, we realize that clean girl Nothing new. next one, Do not seek to adopt the direction of the first order. “Still displaying a beguiling projection, with a gap between promise and reality, Lucille Gauthier analyzes. Trying to stick to this trend at all costs means embarking on an elusive search for perfection.H“.

Without having to throw it away, why not reinterpret it in a more original way. NotIts not in American appearance, but simply in presence. “Lucille Gauthier adds that the current clean-girl trend stems from two primary trends: “health” and “care.” If we stick to the basic concept, a clean girl is a representation of a healthier, “less is more” beauty, which seeks not to disguise but to reveal. in my opinion, The clean girl trend means we want to get rid of the superfluous, to bring the basics to the fore and give more meaning to our looks. “

Apply makeup, but just enough to highlight your natural beauty. Take care of yourself, do yourself a favor and don’t try to project an image that doesn’t correspond to reality: see that way, trend clean girl It is more attractive, right?

⋙ PHOTOS – Glitter, blush, liquid foundation… All products adopt the Clean Girl trend

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