How do we treat shingles? Treatments and care


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Shingles affects approximately 300,000 people each year in France. This disease caused by the varicella virus can be very painful. What are the treatments?

Le zonaGo to pain centers

When pain persists for several months after shingles, it is recommended that you be referred to specialized structures and pain centres. Don’t hesitate to talk to your doctor about it! Pain centers provide special care For the treatment of post-herpetic pain. Each patient, with the help of a multidisciplinary team, will be able to think about what works best for them. Complementary strategies may be suggested: transcutaneous electrical stimulation for analgesic purposes (TENS), botulinum toxin in some cases, capsaicin patches, hypnosis, psychological support therapies.
“Chronic pain often has a very devastating impact on patients’ quality of life,” notes Dr. Elaine. So we shouldn’t rule out anything in our arsenal to fully support it. »

Herpes zoster vaccination: on a case-by-case basis

Since 2016, it is located in France Herpes zoster vaccine is a single doseRecommended for adults ages 65-74. In this age group, it is reimbursed by health insurance. With an efficiency of nearly 70%, grafting is above all offerings Pain protection benefit That can sometimes last for months after shingles. However, it is still little practiced in France, unlike the UK.
“Perhaps establishing savings counseling at 25, 45 and 65 years old is an opportunity to alert our patients to the risks of chronic pain associated with herpes zoster and offer some of them vaccination,” says Dr. Abramovici. Indeed, we must not forget that this is a live vaccine containing an attenuated viral strain of varicella-zoster virus. For this reason, it is contraindicated for the elderly and/or those with a severely weakened immune system.
A new mRNA vaccine against shingles is still being studied However, it could give hope soon for a vaccine for the most fragile patients as well.

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