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Aluminum is found in the human body in small proportions as one of the minerals the body needs. The body secretes small amounts of aluminum, making exposure to small amounts of it not a problem, and the World Health Organization has approved a safe daily intake of 40 milligrams per kilogram of body weight. , which means that a person who weighs 60 kilograms, the allowable amount is 2400 milligrams. The increase in the percentage of aluminum in the human body leads to damage to health because it destroys beneficial bacteria.

Foods and Medicines That Contain High Levels of Aluminum

Despite this, most people are exposed to more than this value, due to the fact that many foods contain proportions of aluminum, such as: corn, yellow cheese, salt, herbs, spices and tea . certain medicinal substances such as antacids and antiperspirants, in addition to the use of aluminum sulphate in water purification. Drinking, according to Dr. Ramez Saad, mineral specialist in biochemistry accredited by the Association of chemical profession “Ontario Canada”, scientific advisor to health protection and hair analysis companies in Canada.

كما تحتوى إضافات الأطعمة على مركبات الألومنيوم وخاصة المكونة من أحد المعادن التالية: فوسفات، ألومنيوم، صوديوم، العقاقير المضادة للحموضة تحتوي على هيدروكسيد الألومنيوم، والهواء يوجد به نسبة من الألومنيوم، والماء أيضا يحتوي على مركبات الألومنيوم، مثل هيدروكسيد الألومنيوم وكبريتات الألومنيوم، المستخدمة في water treatment.

How does aluminum enter the human body?

Aluminum enters the human body from foods cooked in aluminum utensils that are contaminated with it, and foods and beverages stored in aluminum cans, as they lead to Alzheimer’s disease or cancer breast and skin diseases. revealed high concentrations of aluminum in the tissues of Alzheimer’s disease patients’ brains, and that it is the result of industrial development that has contributed to increased daily aluminum levels, as well as its negative impact on patients with bone and kidney failure and to reduce the rate of brain cell growth.

According to Dr. Ramez Saad in his interview with Al-Watan, the absorption of aluminum by the body depends on the type of aluminum compounds, age, food quality and health status. of the individual, and this metal is harmless if it is absorbed in limited quantities like the heavy metals “mercury – lead – cadmium”, which should not be. Its amounts are increasing in the human body.

There is a relationship between aluminum and the incidence of Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, particularly in patients on dialysis, as they are exposed to large amounts in body fluids. dialysis and in medicines as well.

Use deodorant and increase the level of aluminum in the body

Most aluminum compounds are in the composition of deodorants, and their use prevents the lymph nodes from secreting toxins that result in sweat, which leads to the appearance of cancerous breast tumors, and aluminum causes the blockage of the channels through which sweat exits in the human body, and thus prevents the body from secreting sweat, An increase in the proportion of aluminum in the body causes damage to the nervous system.

Disadvantages of wrapping food in aluminum foil

Dr. Ramez Saad pointed out that wrapping food in aluminum foil and cooking it in the oven leads to increased levels of aluminum leakage, especially in acidic foods which lead to the dissolution of the aluminum layers at inside, such as: acid, tomato juice and food. that contain alcohol, salt and hot spices, indicating that it is acceptable to wrap cold foods, but not for long periods of time, and it is recommended that glass or ceramic utensils be used when the preparation of grilled dishes.

How to reduce the impact of aluminum with simple tricks

Therefore, it is important to determine the concentration of aluminum during cooking, because cookware tends to oxidize and form an ineffective layer, which protects food from aluminum leakage. It is not shiny, as this process leads to natural oxidation.While we believe the shine of the jars reflects their purity, the opposite is true.

Drinking pure water and milk thistle protects the liver from all toxins and helps rebuild damaged cells, and eating carrot juice helps the body get rid of heavy metals.







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