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Elaf: Audi has unveiled the latest of its futuristic concept cars – and the fourth in the concept car series – the Audi activesphere concept car. After the announcement of the Audi skysphere roadster in 2021 and the Audi grandsphere sedan and the Audi urbansphere concept cars in April 2022, the Audi activesphere four-door crossover coupé in a body variant appears for the first time.

Measuring 4.98 meters in length, the sleekly designed car is more than just a luxury sports car, as it has ample ground clearance and massive 22-inch wheels emphasizing its off-road capabilities. At the touch of a button, the rear of the vehicle can be transformed into an open luggage compartment (“active rear”), ideal for transporting entertainment items.

Combining opposites in perfect harmony, the Audi activesphere concept underlines its suitability for everyday versatility, thanks to its drivetrain and suspension that give it the highest levels of dynamism on and off the road, for enhanced driving pleasure. And for people who want to relax more during the trip, the car offers the possibility of self-driving. The coupé is also elegant and extremely dynamic, with classic proportions and lines, but in seconds it transforms into a pickup, with enough space to transport two electric bikes in the trunk.

The concept car was designed and engineered in the Audi design studio in Malibu, with studio director Jael Buzyn and his creative team behind the project. “The Audi activesphere concept is unique. It is a new type of crossover that cleverly combines the elegance of Audi Sportback models with the functionality of an SUV and the capabilities of an all-terrain vehicle,” said Gael about the car.

Thanks to the electric drivetrain and the fast charging technology offered by the Premium Platform Electric (PPE), the Audi activesphere concept car can cover a distance of more than 600 km before needing to be recharged, while the charging time fast is reduced thanks to the 800-volt charging system, which helps The car combines durability, driving dynamics, the ability to travel long distances before charging and zero emissions.

A passenger-centric cabin
The names of the four Audi concept cars skysphere, grandsphere, urbansphere and activesphere contain the word “sphere”. Engine power, vehicle speed or acceleration time are no longer at the top of the specifications of this new generation of cars, but the cabin is at the center, in order to provide a comfortable atmosphere and experience for passengers. when traveling, like space, design and function focus on meeting their needs and wants.

The design process itself has changed for these reasons. At the beginning of all discussions, the focus is on the interior and its design, after which the design of equipment, dimensions and exterior appearance begins.

Self-driving capabilities offer drivers and passengers a new level of freedom on the right roads, as they can use the new display technology in different ways. The innovative operating concept, “Audi dimensions”, combines the real and virtual worlds (i.e. mixed reality) by projecting digital content into the passengers’ field of vision in real time.

High-tech wearable devices provide a view of the real environment and the road, while simultaneously displaying 3D content and interactive elements that the driver and passengers can individually customize, meaning that all driver information , such as driving status and navigation, can be displayed. Users of mixed reality tools in the cabin can see control panels and other virtual displays in a clean and simple design that would not be seen without these tools. Mixed reality tools give their users the ability to precisely interact with these real images through touch, even if they are not visible to the rest of the occupants, because functions and choices are immediately displayed when users touch them. .

Audi Dimensions operating concept: a bridge between different worlds
One of the strengths of the activesphere is its ability to cross boundaries, and this also applies to the interaction interface between vehicle, user and environment. For the first time, the new system combines physical reality with the digital world to create a new world: “Audi dimensions”.

At the heart of the new operating concept are innovative mixed reality tools, available individually for the driver and each passenger. Users can also access the complete digital system in the vehicle.

The activesphere concept car is the first vehicle to use this pioneering technology, which in turn adds a dimension of interactivity to the two dimensions of the real world and the digital merged. Featuring exceptional precision, a crystal-clear graphical interface and excellent contrast, the system displays controls and screens in the user’s field of vision while behind the wheel, but can only be seen using mixed reality tools.

Exterior design: the highest levels of elegance
The activesphere concept car is perfectly versatile and meets the high demands of the future generation of Audi customers. People for whom individual mobility and durability are not in opposition and who expect their car to deliver the highest levels of elegance and driving dynamics that distinguish Audi cars with their future technologies.

The activesphere concept car is the first sportback to incorporate the design elements and technical equipment of a full-size car, which is why Audi has named the new body design “active Sportback” to reflect its difference from the cars full size.

Custom motion technology: Premium Platform Electric (PPE)
The activesphere concept car is based on Audi’s most innovative electric drivetrain, the Premium Platform Electric (PPE) platform, like the grandsphere and urbansphere concept cars, giving it perfect proportions and underpinning its outstanding performance. The innovative powertrain is being developed under Audi leadership and in cooperation with Porsche AG. The first Audi models to roll off the production line and based on the “Premium Platform Electric” platform are expected to be launched before the end of 2023.

Designed exclusively for battery electric vehicles, Premium Platform Electric allows them to take full advantage of all the benefits of this technology to improve driving dynamics, fuel efficiency and equipment options.

Superior performance and 800V fast charging
The activesphere concept car features Audi’s adaptive air suspension with adaptive dampers. The front and rear wheels are connected by a five-link axle. Electric motors on the front and rear axles provide all-wheel drive, generating a total power of 325 kW and a torque of 720 Nm.

The heart of the drive system is 800-volt charging technology, which is first used in mid-size and full-size luxury cars. Similar to the e-tron GT quattro, this technology ensures that the battery can be charged up to 270 kW in a very short time at fast charging stations.

Premium Platform Electric technology reduces charging times to nearly the time it takes a vehicle with a conventional engine to refuel. It only takes ten minutes to charge the battery to a level that allows it to travel a distance of over 300 km. The 100 kWh battery can be charged from 5 to 80% in less than 25 minutes. The activesphere concept car is ideal for long journeys thanks to its short charging times and its ability to cover more than 600 km before having to recharge its battery.


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