Here are the results of the electronic box in Kuwait. How to know the results of the pupils, ministry of education 2023


The results of the electronic square for the year 2022, the Kuwaiti Ministry of Education announces the results of the general secondary exams for the literary section, the scientific section, and also the religious section. The official results will be posted on the screen of the Ministry of Education website, via the Kuwait Education Portal.

And e-box results in the State of Kuwait are the most searched operations right now by parents and students, boys and girls, as your tenth and eleventh grade high school results are announced in the next few hours, and the processes of uploading the results are done separately, as each school is uploaded separately, and students can Students inquire about the results using the calendar number.

After the announcement of the results of the primary stage of the electronic square, the results of the tenth grade in all schools, and the students began to know the results through the website of the electronic square and by questioning by entering the civil number , it is expected in the next few hours via the official website also that the details of the results of the stage will be announced Eleventh intermediate class for the year 2023 in Kuwait for students.

The results of the electronic square, the official electronic portal of the State of Kuwait

There are a lot of health problems, but the Kuwait Ministry of Education was able to pass the exams, which is considered a great insult to the ministry, and also set up an educational platform to explain the material to students. with ease and simplicity, so that they do not feel bored and unable to concentrate, through distinguished teachers, in all areas. The different specializations of education, and the ministry has also set up a website to publish the results of the general secondary examinations, on which it is the website of the square on which the results of the students appear, for the twelfth grade from Secondary Education to General Education, and this is done through the Kuwait Ministry of Education website. Student results are determined from the following links.

High School Results for Kuwait

  • Jaber Al-Ahmad University,
  • Kuwait University
  • American University of Kuwait,
  • The Public Authority for Applied Education and Training, The Public Authority for Applied Education and Training, Kuwait College of Science and Technology
  • Faculty of Science and Technology (University), Kuwait University.
  • Check out the results on the Ministry of Education homepage.
  • Find out the results of the exams of the students through the following lines
  • australian college kuwait,
  • gulf university for science and technology,
  • Arab Open University – Kuwait, Arab Open University – Kuwait,
  • Maastricht business school.
    For more information on querying results, please follow the steps below.
    First, choose the teaching area, then click on the student’s teaching stage, then choose the student’s teacher, then write the student’s exclusive civil number, then click on the word search.

Now there are many male and female students all over Kuwait who want to know their results, because through the electronic square results website, general secondary school results in Kuwait, everyone can know the results of the tenth grade, the link of the results of the eleventh and twelfth grade, because it is very easy to identify. These results are obtained for pupils by means of the civil number as soon as they are announced.

Everyone, male and female students from all over the sister state of Kuwait, started looking for how to identify Kuwait e-square results and primary, middle and high school results, where Kuwaiti students completed their studies the exams on the eighteenth day of this month of December, and everyone is waiting for the students The students and parents request that the results of the boys and girls students be followed in the next few moments, because the results will be announced on the site of the electronic box.

We are a few days away from the beginning of the end of the eleventh and twelfth grade exams, provided that the results of the middle and secondary years in Kuwait are announced, the average results and the Kuwaiti secondary results in the next few days, specifically in beginning of next January next year 2023, and everyone can now at the time The ongoing investigation of the results of the primary stage that have been announced.


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